Monday, September 26, 2011

Beating Ole Miss Is Like Dating A Tech Cheerleader

A win is a win is a win. First and foremost, let's get that out of the way. I am glad we put up a W in the SEC win column, and got our record back to .500.

Now, even though it was an SEC win, I am not all that satisfied with what took place Saturday. I can't really put my finger on what exactly I think dissatisfied me, but I sort of equate it to the feeling of hooking up with a cheerleader from Georgia Tech.

I mean, on one hand, you are the man for scoring with a college cheerleader. But, then again, it is a TECH cheerleader, and aren't they all ugly?

We were supposed to beat Ole Miss, and we could have beaten the tar out of them, we just didn't. Winning by 4 touchdowns would have been a little closer to my goal back in college of dating a real cheerleader. A UGA cheerleader!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Herschel Makes Me Smile

In a time of Bulldawg crisis, what more can I ask for than a Damn Good Dawg to brighten my day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That's All I Have To Say About That

For once this past Saturday I went above and beyond my nerdiest of football obsessions, and I charted the offense plays ran by the Dawgs in the game versus Boise State. I have promised myself that I will try and hold my blogging for at least the night before I write my post-game thoughts. I have toiled over this for three days now, and I have come to the coclusion that my disdain for Mike Bobo/Mark Richt and the sputtering offense can be summed up in one simple set of questions:

Why did Brandon Boykin not touch the ball a single time after his 80 yard touchdown early in game? Let's say it was because he was cramping. Why did we not run that "power sweep" to another player (Branden Smith/Crowell/Mitchell) for the entire remainder of the game?

Coaches, if a play works, RUN IT AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN, until they stop it. I could go OFF on the ineptness of our playcalling, but I will just leave it at that. is not affiliated in any way with the University of Georgia.