Saturday, October 30, 2010

3rd & 8, We Run A Draw...Really?

Great comeback Dawgs. I cannot fathom running a !@#$% draw on 3rd & 8 in that situation. But, what do I know? I know that Mike Bobo is a Dodo. Who are the candidates to replace him for next year? I'm praying for a bowl game at this point.

I Caught Myself Singing Rocky Top

Yeah, I'm admitting it. I was singing that disgusting Rocky Top song this morning. It pains me, but I sure would love to see those ugly Orange guys knock off the Cocks! 10-10 at the half!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey, Coach Richt, Run This Play

I was going through some of my old playbooks from when I coached, and came across one of my favs. I have seen the Dawgs run a variation of this, but I think it could be especially effective against the Gators if they try to man up on AJ.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The UF Defense Has Me Worried

After my daily reading this morning, I felt much less confident about our chances this weekend at the Cocktail Party. Do I think we will win? YES! I'm a Dawg fan aren't I?

My worries stem from the fact that UF has a very legitimate lock down cornerback in Janoris Jenkins. Will the Gators have him man up on AJ Green? If so, we will be seeing a whole lot more defenders in the box than we have over the last 4 weeks.

I hope that AJ Green is as good as I think he is, and will show Jenkins how hard it is to cover a phenom!

It goes without saying, but I HATE THE GATORS!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tell Me The Play Calling Didn't Change...

Now that the Dawgs have scored 40+ points for 3 straight weeks, I have backed off good old Bobo the Dodo. Why? Because we have scored 40+ points, duh!

Does that mean that I think Bobo still deserves to lose his OC title? Probably, but, I will hold off until the end of the season before I harp on that point again.

It has been a no-brainer that the playcalling has changed drastically. Is this a product of having AJ Green back? Most likely. If that is so, shame on our staff for having not a clue when the best player is missing. I am just in awe that it took 4 straight losses to figure out that running play action on 95% of our pass attempts is kind of ridiculous, especially when the running game is stinking it up.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

500 Never Looked So Pretty

I never thought I would be this happy to see my beloved Dawgs sitting at 4-4. That being said, who is the best team in the SEC right now? I would have to say Alabama.

Trying to understand college football has become equivalent to understanding a woman!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hutson Mason, Will He Ever Play?

First, God forbid Aaron Murray ever gets injured. Second, Hutson Mason looks like he may be a pretty darn good quarterback in the future. I couldn't help but wonder last Saturday (Mason was 4/4 passing) if he will be another Mark Richt story by the time he leaves Athens.

Unless we lose Murray to the NFL a year early, I don't see Mason ever being anything other than a back up quarterback. And, with Christian Lemay coming next year, he could potentially get pushed to 3rd on the depth chart by the time his junior or senior year rolls around.

I can't help but be reminded of Blake Barnes, a kid that would have definitely started at quite a few BCS conference schools. What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dawgs Are One Hell Of A 3 and 4 Team

I have been spouting off at the mouth the past few weeks about the Dawgs being a damn good 4 loss team. Most of my friends (even the UGA fans) either ignore me, or tell me to shut the hell up. Now that the Senator posted this, I feel obligated to blog my feelings! The Dawgs may be one of the best 3 and 4 teams ever! LOL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sign This Chic Up For The Dawgs!

Man, if she can do this kind of damage giving a lap dance, I wonder how she would do as a linebacker...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kudos to Bobo & Richt

First of all, congratulations Bobo for finally putting together something that actually resembled an offensive plan six games into the season. I'm still not sure why it took so long for our staff to figure out that Murray's pretty damn good outside of the pocket. I'm left wondering, was Bobo really the architect of the playcalling against the Vols?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dawgs Keep Promise With Da'Rick Rogers

After Da'Rick Rogers de-committed last minute from the Dawgs, I blogged about how some UGA players promised to give him a little something when he visited Athens this year.

Well, much to my liking, Alec Ogletree gave him a little howdy do tap on the second kickoff of the game yesterday. I just happened to be watching Ogletree, when I saw him absolutely lay out a Tennessee player. After the player got up all wobbly, it was none other than Rogers!

Way to go Alec! Anyone got a video of the hit?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keep It Rollin' Dawgs

The Braves started my weekend off right! Now, as I sit in the Northeast corner of Sanford, I can't wait for Richt to lead the Dawgs out of the tunnel. It's time to dispose of this damn monkey! Tonight's gonna be a good night.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Could The Dawgs Run This Offense?

I was cleaning out an old email inbox when I ran across this article from the New York Times from a couple of years ago. It's an entertaining thought!

Who's on Line? Even the Referees Don't Know

Why Not Let AJ Green Return Punts?

This subject has been the topic of several debates that I have read. Most of them came from the pre-season, when we thought we were a pretty decent team, and that we would have our best player for the whole season. Why not let AJ Green return punts since our season is a bust already? Let's get as much out of this special player as we possibly can. We all know it's probably the last year we'll have him.

Why should he?
Wes Welker - New England Patriots' best receiver/punt returner does it.
Julio Jones - Alabama's top receiver/punt returner does it as well. Don't tell me he's better at it than AJ!
DeSean Jackson - Philadelphia Eagles' top receiver/punt returner.
Like the Senator said, what do we have to lose?

Why shouldn't he?
There's the case of Reggie Bush - New Orleans starting tailback/punt returner (until he broke his guessed it, returning punts).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Could This Be UGA's Problem

I have seen a lot of fingers being pointed towards a weakness in UGA's strength and conditioning program headed up by Dave Van Halanger. I tend to agree that we are behind the curve when it comes to development, especially when you take a look at the likes of the Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide physically dominating almost every opponent. Not to mention the fact that Colorado just manhandled most of our linemen last week.

Then, I watch videos like the ones below, and I can't help but the Gators just simply "bench, squat, and clean" like everyone else; with a little bit of "running and jump roping" mixed in.

Maybe CVH is just not the greatest of PR guys:

It's About Time Coach Richt!

The first 5 minutes of the Coach Richt call in show last night made my week. Richt began the show by explaining how practice Monday was unlike any other Monday practice he had led since he has been in Athens. Any Dawg fan should be happy to hear that the number one offense scrimmaged against the number one defense in full pads for over an hour and a half last night.

Could that practice philosophy lead to more injuries? Certainly. Will those type of practices make our team a hell of a lot tougher. You darn skippy! Keep up these positive changes Richt and finish out the season strong!

On another note; how about the Dawgs opening up as a 13 point favorite over those ugly guys in orange?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Is Mark Richt Stepping Down?

I never imagined the 2010 Georgia Bulldogs sitting at 1-4. If Vegas created the odds for this bet at the season's beginning, I imagine it would have been in the area of 5000:1, or worse. For you non-gamblers, that means that a $100 bet could have won you a whopping half of a million dollars if you had the insight to see the Dawgs with four losses 5 games in!

That being said, I seriously wonder what exactly is going through Coach Richt's head right now. Surely he has to be second guessing his leadership of this program. He is a great man, and it is only natural that he sees the failures that are coming from the program he is the leader of.

Do you think that Coach Richt would step down as the head coach of the Bulldogs if we finish with a losing record? What about if we finish 3-9? 2-10? What would it take? Would the great man that Richt is influence his own personal decision to give up leading the Dawgnation?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome To Rock Bottom Dawgs!

How can a team that was in the top tier of the SEC a few short years ago get man-handled by this weak Colorado team? We are a terrible football team. No, a terrible football program. Change may be the only answer. is not affiliated in any way with the University of Georgia.