Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The UF Defense Has Me Worried

After my daily reading this morning, I felt much less confident about our chances this weekend at the Cocktail Party. Do I think we will win? YES! I'm a Dawg fan aren't I?

My worries stem from the fact that UF has a very legitimate lock down cornerback in Janoris Jenkins. Will the Gators have him man up on AJ Green? If so, we will be seeing a whole lot more defenders in the box than we have over the last 4 weeks.

I hope that AJ Green is as good as I think he is, and will show Jenkins how hard it is to cover a phenom!

It goes without saying, but I HATE THE GATORS!


  1. If we had an OC worth a flip I would feel better. These are the types of games where our offense normally disappears until the game is decided.

  2. One day, I hope he will just figure out that if the running game isn't there...ADAPT to what the defense is giving you!



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