Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Could The Dawgs Run This Offense?

I was cleaning out an old email inbox when I ran across this article from the New York Times from a couple of years ago. It's an entertaining thought!

Who's on Line? Even the Referees Don't Know


  1. I remember reading about the A-11, and I believe the functional rules of D-1 football don't quite allow for it. I could be wrong.

  2. Dukes,

    You're right. It's illegal in NCAA and GHSA football as of now. Most other states are outlawing it as well in high school. I just think it was cool. I used to have some videos of the plays you can run.

    Personally, I love smash mouth football better...when you have the right personnel.

  3. I thought South Carolina lined up like this a year or two ago for one play. I dont think it was against us, and the play got blown up.

  4. Andy....

    Hey....I saw your post on David Hale's new site. I sure miss that guy as the Bulldog Blog has gone to hell! I was a follower of his for the last couple of years and he always was an interesting read. Did you notice his new blog completely omits any pop culture references or TV commentary.

    Unfortunately his curse has been exacerbated 10x by his successor!

    Good luck with your blog and I am glad I found it!

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