Saturday, October 30, 2010

3rd & 8, We Run A Draw...Really?

Great comeback Dawgs. I cannot fathom running a !@#$% draw on 3rd & 8 in that situation. But, what do I know? I know that Mike Bobo is a Dodo. Who are the candidates to replace him for next year? I'm praying for a bowl game at this point.


  1. I hear ya! I thought after the CO loss that a bowl game would be the VERY best we could hope for. Looks like I was right!

  2. I've got no issue with that playcall.

    If we throw:

    - Complete for 1st down, most likely still overtime

    - Complete, less than first down, no different than a running play.

    - Intercepted, most likely lose in regulation

    -incomplete, fl gets ball back with enough time to do something with it and 2 timeouts

    If we run the ball, we concede the punt, with likely a few extra yards to punt with and take more time off the clock.

    It sucks that we lost, but complaining about the playcall on 3rd and 8 from our 6 yard line isn't where I'd start my complaints.

    A more reasonable complaint would be the call on 1st and 10 in OT. That being said, if Murray throws that ball on target, it's a TD, and we're talking about the ballsy play that reminds us of the OT win over Alabama.

  3. It was a low percentage play. We had the better kicker for over time but we ran low percentage plays or ones which were predictable and well covered. That is why we threw an interception. They had the play covered, they tipped the ball and intercepted. As bad as the offensive players played in the first half, we still scuked at play calling when it mattered.

  4. I turned off the game when we gave up 3rd and 19 in the first half. Couldn't take it after that. I knew what was coming. This is one Dawg who has lost all faith in the GA/FL series. Call me out if you want, but that's just how I feel. Just can't take it anymore. 3 and 18 since 1990? How is that even possible? Never beat TN & FL in same year since conference split in 1992? Simply unfathomable. Love my Dawgs, but lost all faith in this series. And no, Jacksonville has NOTHING to do with it. We could play 'em in Athens, Gainesville, or the moon . . . wouldn't matter. We've had better coaches, better players, better teams, and yet we invent ways to lose to those bastards. DAMN!

  5. Bobo can never get it right. The 1st qtr was the only time we ran with an authority, but it is was inconsistent due to passing play calls. In the 3rd qtr he got it right, but it was to big of a hole to come out of.

    Here is the real is Richt, Bobo, Lilly, and McClendon. The latter 3 have to go.
    More important CMR has to change his offense to a spread or a hybrid spread to contend for a East or SEC title. He is old style from FSU. Those sets and days are gone. Murray had a bad day, but UGA did too in one big way. You saw the emergence of Burton. He took over the game in the 4th qtr. Two plays before his 51 yd run, I told a friend they would come back to it and get in the end zone. The first time he let the hand off go, but on the run he keep it, went in the crease and let it fly. He is 6'2", 220. Exactly what Myers wants at QB. Look at Auburn and MSU this year.
    You can not put a QB under center, have him pivot or extend a handoff in the backfield and expect it to be a big play. Why. You take your QB out of the play, now the D outnumbers you. You have to make the D respect and play all 11 on the O side. If Jeff Mullen said they recruited Murray for UF why did they do that. From my seat I never see Murray as a running threat, but today his running was 2nd for the runners. But he lost yards while passing.

    It is the scheme. Would you like to see the Dawgs put up number like Boise, Oregon, Florida, MSU, and Auburn. See Auburn got smart about their offense. Not UGA with our backward mindset of football today.

    Now to get to glory you do these things.
    Fire Bobo, Lilly, and McClendon.
    Hire an OC that can run the spread.
    Have the AD change his mind that JAX and FL is more important than Athens and Georgia. Our chances of bveating Fl is a schedule where they do not always have an open date before us and we have to travel to JAX. For those old folks who want to remember the good old days in JAX get prepared to go every two years and ride down to Gainesville.

    2-8; 3-18; & 4-5. The numbers do no lie. To go to the Dome you have to come thru Athens and not go to JAX, dammit!

  6. 56-4 Boise State last 5 years Chris Petersen
    53-10 Florida last 5 years Urban Meyer
    52-9 Ohio State last 5 years Jim Tressel
    51-10 TCU last 5 years Gary Patterson
    49-12 Texas last 5 years Mack Brown
    49-14 Oklahoma last 5 years Bob Stoops
    48-12 Southern California last 5 years
    48-12 Utah last 5 years Kyle Whittingham
    47-14 LSU last 5 years Les Miles
    47-15 Virginia Tech last 5 years Frank Beamer
    46-14 BYU last 5 years Bronco Mendenhall
    45-14 West Virginia last 5 years Bill Stewart
    45-15 Penn State last 5 years Joe Paterno
    45-15 Wisconsin last 5 years Bret Bielema
    45-17 Missouri last 5 years Gary Pinkel
    44-16 Oregon last 5 years Chip Kelly
    44-17 Cincinnati last 5 years Butch Jones
    43-20 Hawaii last 5 years Greg McMackin
    42-18 Auburn last 5 years Gene Chizik
    42-19 Georgia last 5 years Coach Richt

  7. Aaron got away with one when he hit AJ in triple coverage for that last TD. I was afraid he'd try it again. He did. That time he threw into four guys and cost us the field goal. Bobo should have taken him aside and told him he got away with one but don't do it again. Murray showed his youth and the pressure of wanting to beat the team from his home state. I do think our offense is antiquated. We scored 31 but what this offense rarely does is bust a run with a runner who runs untouched. Dooley changed offenses at least 4 times in 25 years. I heard a coach this summer (can't remember who it was, sorry) say that he changes 25% of his playbook every year. He said if you don't teams figure you out.

  8. Cam Newton Stephen Garcia Ryan Mallett Greg McElroy. Mike Hartline Chris Relf
    John Brantley – all have done better than Aaron Murray.

    Aaron Murray is our best player, has been our best player and will be our MVP. Of the 12 SEC teams, he is the # 8 Quarterback – not very good.

  9. Y'all suck.
    Not sure which game y'all watched, but I saw one Helluva football game with two teams in the midst of disappointing seasons playing their hearts out and trying to knock each other's heads off...

    Couple balls bounce the other direction, and we've got a big fat satisfying victory... Hats off to Them Dawgs!

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