Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will Mark Richt Let The Dawgs Go Wild

With the University of Georgia football team starting out low in the pre-season rankings this year, this question comes to mind: Will this be the year that Mark Richt let's the Dawgs put up some gaudy numbers on the scoreboard?

When UGA lines up against teams like Louisiana Lafayette or Idaho State, the potential is there for the Dawgs to put up 50+ points. My inclination is that Coach Richt realizes we need to wow the pollsters in order to move up the pecking order. If we want to be in a BCS bowl at the end of the year, we are going to have to jump near 10-15 spots from where we sit pre-season; at least!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My 3-4 Defense Fear For The Dawgs

Monday morning seems a little bit sweeter than usual today. I got to watch some quality high school football Friday night in the Gainesville versus Buford match-up. As I watched Buford man-handle a quality Gainesville team, I couldn't help but worry about how the Dawgs will implement the 3-4.

Gainesville is in their 3rd year running the 3-4 defense, and Friday night proved that you better have 3 studs on the D-line if you plan to stop a power team like Buford. That, and your coaches better have a plan to adapt to a hardnose running game. I couldn't help but sit in the stands in shock as Gainesville lined up 3 guys on the defensive line of scrimmage with huge 3-5 foot splits, and linebackers that were a good 3-4 yards behind the line. How in the heck any team plans to stop a power running game with that alignment is beyond me. On a positive note, the Freshman quarterback (Deshaun Watson) from Gainesville is going to be a STUD.

How does this relate to the Dawgs you ask? Well, I fear the way our 3-4 is going to perform against a power running team such as Alabama, South Carolina, etc. The good thing is that I have faith in Todd Grantham, and I think he will adapt to the situation or team at hand, unlike the Gainesville coaches did last Friday night.

Go Dawgs!

Friday, August 27, 2010

UGA Signs Contract With "Your Cab"

Hopefully this headline will be a real one in the coming days. I wonder what would it would actually cost to take a company like Your Cab and contract with them to have 3-4 cab drivers on call at all times to drive UGA Athletes around.

The arrests for driving related instances are completely ridiculous. I love The Grit Tree's blog about players finding their way to the DMV.

In case you missed the story of Washaun Ealey's arrest, click here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Maybe The Diamond Dawgs Could Use This Girl!

Many of you have by now heard of this Little League superstar!

Chelsea Baker: In A League of Her Own
. ESPN did a great special on this 13 year old female little league pitcher, and it almost brought a tear to my eye. I love these kind of feel good stories!

It's Hard For This Dawg To Hate Paul Johnson

It's hard for me to hate on this GaTech coach when he makes so much sense: Johnson Doesn't Like The Preseason Polls.

Pre-season polls can have way too much impact on who plays where at the end of the season. I am all about not starting any kind of official poll until week 4. That and the Coleman Playoff System would be an amazing way to end the college season.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Does UGA Baby Players' "Injuries"

I once had a coach that would get in players faces when they showed signs of being hurt and yell "Are you hurt, or are you injured?"; and let me tell you, that man was one hell of a football coach!

That being said, I sit here today wondering if coaches sometimes baby players too much when they have aches and pains. I am in no position to really comment on player injuries as I am only privy to the same information as the rest of us blog dorks, but it sure does seem like we have a lot of players sitting out or wearing green jerseys over the last few years.

This leads me to my question: Do you guys think that a lot of high profile coaches may hold players out of practice because they are too cautious? I think so! What about you?

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Dawgs' Scrimmages Are Cracking Me Up

Don't get me wrong, I love reading about each and every pre-season scrimmage as much as the next Dawg fan, but come on guys! The media's take on scrimmage outcomes is down right laughable at times. From my coaching experiences, I definitely learned not to take the final outcome and statistics of a scrimmage too seriously. Are there things to be learned? Certainly. Does having 8 sacks for the defense mean that our offense is going to be dreadful? Absolutely not!

First of all, you really have no clue what personnel was on the field when each of those statistics happened unless you were there coaching. Second, all of the statistics are not reported, and those that are reported are most likely not very accurate.

I have read in more than a few places about the defense dominating this weekend's scrimmage, and I am excited by that news. I have every bit of confidence that our offense is going to get the job done with Murray behind center, and the defense will be head and shoulders above what we have seen for the past few seasons!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dawgbone Blog Nervous Breakdown!

I was just introduced to The Dawgbone Website in January of 2009. It was like heaven when I found a place that organized my daily reads into one great Dawg haven!

That being said, this is my first August as a Dawgbone visitor and I am quickly becoming overwhelmed by the amount of daily blogs. So many bloggers post 2, 3, 4, even 5+ blogs each and every day. With so many blogs, how can a man work a normal job and still read about his Dawgs without going crazy?

Calling all bloggers...can't we limit our Dawgbone posts to 1 or 2 per day? Most of you guys write some excellent Dawg blogs, and I LOVE reading them. It's just overwhelming when there are 50+ a day to choose from! Is anyone else having this problem, or should I just deal with it and get on with my life? LOL

On a football note; how exciting is this defense shaping up to be during our pre-season? I am getting less and less nervous about the switch to the 3-4, and more excited to see how dominant we can become!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

College Football & Academics

Over the past week there have been a few articles that really caught my eye concerning academics and NCAA football. The first came from the Atlanta Journal last week: ACC tops SEC in academics. The second really bad news article also came out of the AJC: Branden Smith's academic "issues".

Both articles, mainly the second, got me to thinking about something that has really bugged me ever since I graduated from UGA. Why do so many athletes take the amazing education opportunity they are getting via scholarships for granted? I know for a FACT they are given every kind of support system you can imagine to succeed in the classroom (tutors, note takers, etc.) I could probably write a 10,000 word essay on my thoughts, but I am curious to hear some other opinions. What do you think?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pre Season Polls Are Like Socialism

Pre season polls are kind of like socialism in my mind; they may seem good in theory, but in reality they suck. I have always thought that a team should be ranked the same in the pre season as they were at the end of the previous season.

I know-I know; teams lose players, coaches, and what not, but why is it fair for one team to surpass another team in rankings without any games being won or loss? Maybe some of you can convince me otherwise. In my mind I have always likened it to heavy weight boxing champions. If you want to be the champ, you gotta be the champ! Kudos to the coaches for keeping Bama at the top. And hey, at least the Dawgs cracked the poll!

Here is a look at the Coaches' 2010 Pre Season Poll.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mike Bobo's New Gameplan For 2010

The coach in me can't help but to keep on thinking about how dangerous the Dawgs could be this season in a two tight end set. I even drew a diagram a while back with a little bit of analysis at how useful this set could be this season.

I firmly believe that there is no better 1-2 punch at the tight end position in the country than Orson Charles and Aron White. Lining these two threats up not only allows us two extra blockers, but it will sometimes force teams to put the best receiver (AJ Green) in the nation on an island with a corner.

What are your thoughts? Should the Dawgs line up two tight a little, a lot, or on every daggum play?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're Going To Party Like It's 1980!

By now, we've all read that UGA finally got it's due with the Princeton Review. With this news, I see that it is only fit that I spend the first year of The Decade of The Dawg partying like it's 1980!

I've mentioned before that 1980 is the year of my birth, but more importantly, it's the last year the Football Dawgs reigned supreme over college football. I'm in search of my retro #34 Dawg jersey, so I can go ahead and start the season off right!

How are we going to do it this year? Just like in 1980; a dominant running game, and a smashmouth defense!


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