Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mike Bobo's New Gameplan For 2010

The coach in me can't help but to keep on thinking about how dangerous the Dawgs could be this season in a two tight end set. I even drew a diagram a while back with a little bit of analysis at how useful this set could be this season.

I firmly believe that there is no better 1-2 punch at the tight end position in the country than Orson Charles and Aron White. Lining these two threats up not only allows us two extra blockers, but it will sometimes force teams to put the best receiver (AJ Green) in the nation on an island with a corner.

What are your thoughts? Should the Dawgs line up two tight a little, a lot, or on every daggum play?


  1. The only concern I have is we have sometimes struggled to run the ball without the fullback leading the way to block the linebacker stuffing the hole. I love the idea of splitting Aron or Orson out in a base personnel package and forcing a linebacker to cover one of them in space and taking a safety away from the line of scrimmage or from playing a two-deep against our guys on the outside.

  2. Line em up until they stop em.

  3. We will be faced with a constant 8 in the box. Every DC in the SEC is going to force us to run against 8. They want our RsFr QB to try and beat them. The 2 TE's will be the only way our running game can go until AM convinces the DC's that 8 in the box will be a very big mistake. Rest assured SCU's DC has already got that 8 man box set up with a double on AJ.

  4. If you put 8 in the box on every play, AJ Green, Charles, and/or White are going to come up with a lot of big plays! Unless Aaron Murray throws the ball like a little child. The latter isn't very likely. I would LOVE for teams to constantly load the box on us!

  5. Bruce Figgins is going to be the difference. Bruce is not the downfield threat White and Charles are, but he has capable hands and is the best blocking tight end on the roster.

    I doubt any team in the country has 4 tight ends that come any where close to comparing with our 4.

  6. I'd do it on every dad gum play , to do otherwise is wasting talent of two great tight ends, IMHO

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