Thursday, August 19, 2010

Does UGA Baby Players' "Injuries"

I once had a coach that would get in players faces when they showed signs of being hurt and yell "Are you hurt, or are you injured?"; and let me tell you, that man was one hell of a football coach!

That being said, I sit here today wondering if coaches sometimes baby players too much when they have aches and pains. I am in no position to really comment on player injuries as I am only privy to the same information as the rest of us blog dorks, but it sure does seem like we have a lot of players sitting out or wearing green jerseys over the last few years.

This leads me to my question: Do you guys think that a lot of high profile coaches may hold players out of practice because they are too cautious? I think so! What about you?


  1. It's better to sit out a few practices than making things worse and missing a lot more time. There's a thin line between true pain and someone trying to act like Favre and just get out of a little hard work.

  2. I think that Ron Corso should give some of the injured players a Bulldog Punch colonic and make'em get back out there and practice!

  3. Look no further than Terrell Davis's time under Ray. He was injured and Ray felt he was dogging it, so he played and aggravated the injury. He still hates Ray for that.

  4. TD went on to have a pretty darn good career. I agree that there is a VERY thin line!

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