Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're Going To Party Like It's 1980!

By now, we've all read that UGA finally got it's due with the Princeton Review. With this news, I see that it is only fit that I spend the first year of The Decade of The Dawg partying like it's 1980!

I've mentioned before that 1980 is the year of my birth, but more importantly, it's the last year the Football Dawgs reigned supreme over college football. I'm in search of my retro #34 Dawg jersey, so I can go ahead and start the season off right!

How are we going to do it this year? Just like in 1980; a dominant running game, and a smashmouth defense!



  1. I hope so. I'm a 1980 born bulldawg too and I can't freakin wait. I've got high hopes for this team

  2. and also took 7 years to graduate due to the insane party school that is UGA. but i'm well rounded!



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