Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will Mark Richt Let The Dawgs Go Wild

With the University of Georgia football team starting out low in the pre-season rankings this year, this question comes to mind: Will this be the year that Mark Richt let's the Dawgs put up some gaudy numbers on the scoreboard?

When UGA lines up against teams like Louisiana Lafayette or Idaho State, the potential is there for the Dawgs to put up 50+ points. My inclination is that Coach Richt realizes we need to wow the pollsters in order to move up the pecking order. If we want to be in a BCS bowl at the end of the year, we are going to have to jump near 10-15 spots from where we sit pre-season; at least!


  1. I have to agree, we need to put up some big numbers! There's no reason to not score 50+ in those 2 games and 40+ against the likes of Arkansas and Colorado. But, I think we've got to have some impressive defensive outings as well to get their attention. More 51-41 shootouts will not do the trick.

  2. I'm with you on the defense. I would much rather see shutouts than 50+ points! Sadly, the pollsters love it when the scoreboard lights up though. It's one of the reasons I always hate on Southern Cal. Half the country gets to see them put up 63 every other week on the ESPN night game versus JV teams.

  3. Sometimes I think the class act that Richt is hurts UGA in the polls. He doesn't like running the score up, and that will be evident on Saturday when the second teamers are in there by the end of the third quarter. Hopefully, they have already put about 49 on the board by then. I can guarantee that if it is against an SEC opponent, and he has a chance to do it, he will. While a class act, he is not stupid. A blowout against SC or Auburn would make UGA look really really strong. Defense is going to be key though. Can they get turnovers, and get the offense enough chances to blow teams out? With UGA having a freshman QB, I have to think the running game is going to set the tone. The more they run, the more the clock runs. Blowout opportunities become less and less the more the clock runs. If they were throwing it all over the field like Texas Tech, I would say it would be an every game type of thing. That is not UGA's offense.



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