Monday, August 16, 2010

The Dawgs' Scrimmages Are Cracking Me Up

Don't get me wrong, I love reading about each and every pre-season scrimmage as much as the next Dawg fan, but come on guys! The media's take on scrimmage outcomes is down right laughable at times. From my coaching experiences, I definitely learned not to take the final outcome and statistics of a scrimmage too seriously. Are there things to be learned? Certainly. Does having 8 sacks for the defense mean that our offense is going to be dreadful? Absolutely not!

First of all, you really have no clue what personnel was on the field when each of those statistics happened unless you were there coaching. Second, all of the statistics are not reported, and those that are reported are most likely not very accurate.

I have read in more than a few places about the defense dominating this weekend's scrimmage, and I am excited by that news. I have every bit of confidence that our offense is going to get the job done with Murray behind center, and the defense will be head and shoulders above what we have seen for the past few seasons!



  1. Well said. I have nothing to add since you have written that so well. I do believe the offense is gonna be VERY good this year too.

  2. Hey, if we're looking at stats, Ealey must have been running all over the place! I hope Murray doesn't have to throw more than 20 passes a game all season! If that is the case, we will be ok I'm guessing!

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