Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey Bobo! Let's See Some Of This Please!

I've heard some mention of the Dawgs running out of a two tight end set some this season. I thought I would take a minute to draw up the formation, and think about what it could potentially do to defensive match-ups when we trot out our personnel.

There are several ways to line up against this formation, but it can potentially cause a whole lot of mismatches if Kris Durham continues his great comeback, Washaun Ealey shows up as we expect, and whoever wins this QB battle is as good as advertised. We all know that #8, AJ Green, is going to give anybody that lines up against him fits.

You're probably going to put Orson Charles in a lot of good situations. And more so, I think that with 3-4 legitimate choices at receiving positions, Ealey may have the opportunity to run the ball like a mad man! I love all the things that can be done out of a 2 tight set when you have a great receiver and tailback to go along with it!


  1. A QB that can run would be the cherry on top, there are not enough guys to cover and stop the QB.

  2. I almost put that in my write-up. I am just "trying" to remain positive about all 3 QB's still having a chance! How about a QB that can run, and throw it with know, like Aaron Murray! lol

  3. I don't really ever recall Richt and Bobo running the ball without a fullback leading the way. But you're right, this could potentially be dangerous.

  4. I failed to put Tavares King as the other receiver, but with him or Durham either one, I think we have potential mismatches!

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