Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tebow Announces He Will Enter Draft As Tight End!

In a surprising announcement this morning, Tim Tebow seems to have finally come to his senses. Tebow announced at a Thursday morning press conference that he will enter the 2010 NFL draft as a tight end instead of quarterback. The decision comes after much speculation and expert analysis of Tebow's crappy throwing motion. Draft experts have told Tebow that throwing like a girl may work when you play for the Gayturds, but not so much against the big boys. Now, as a tight end, Tebow can really focus more on his star status, and less on the play book.



  1. Can people on these blogs finally grow up and stop gay-bashing at every convenience?

  2. Sounds like somebody is a little sensitive. You probably throw like a girl as well and you are gay. Not that the two are related. Painting your fingernails on the other hand, that's just, well, you know.

  3. Come on Anon, no-one is "gay-bashing" anybody on this blog. "Gayturds" seems more phonetically correct than "Gaturds". That's the only reason it's spelled that way! No-body calls them the "Gahturds", which is what "Gaturds" looks like it should sound.....Why am I even trying to defend this again? WOW

  4. May you all some day beget, like Dick Cheney and Alan Keyes, gay children.

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