Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trust In Stinchcomb, Attitudes Win Championships!

Jon Stinchcomb absolutely hit the nail on the head in this(AJC) article telling the way to win championships!

My favorite line from the article: "Coach Jim Donnan told the team that “if you can’t win a national championship with talent like that, you should get out of coaching,” Stinchbomb said, pausing for a moment before adding: “That was Coach Donnan’s last year as coach.”"

I have told the story one hundred times to players I have coached about my junior and senior year high school baseball team. Junior year - 2nd in the state, Senior year - State Champions! I KNOW the difference in those two teams was attitude and team togetherness. Most of the players and coaches from that team would probably say we had more overall talent the year we lost the state championship. The big difference in the championship year was the fact that we all loved each other like brothers!

Attitude can get you everywhere! Do you need talent? Of course! But, the most talent in the world is nothing without a great attitude! I have mentioned it before, but I get a good feeling about this year's Dawgs when it comes to having a GREAT attitude!

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