Monday, April 12, 2010

Did Saturday Really Tell Us Much About The QB's

I have been away from the blogs for the better part of last week, except for a couple of superficial posts. So, for that, I apologize to all readers. I have read about everything under the sun concerning Saturday's G-Day game in Athens.

Deservedly so, a lot of praise and attention has gone to Zach Mettenberger for his outstanding performance in the spring scrimmage game. A big factor I have seen little mention of though is the circumstances surrounding Mett's performance. By that, I mean the fact that he was playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers the whole time he was in the game. A few of his big completions even came against former walk-ons. No, to his defense, Mett wasn't throwing to AJ Green or Kris Durham because he was mostly with 2nd string offensive guys.

I'm not trying to defend Aaron Murray's sub-par performance, or degrade Mett's. The whole point of my rant today is that it would have been nice to see Murray and Mett battle it out with the same first team offense.

I failed to mention Logan Gray so far, right? Well, I think that it has been made pretty obvious that he can be a solid backup with his own package of plays, but he does NOT have an SEC caliber arm, or the poise to lead this team. I think he could help us somewhere, but not as our starting QB. I tend to join the folks who are scared that Coach Richt is going to follow in the tradition of giving Gray the job because he has paid his dues. Will it be another Joe T/Joe Cox story?

Let me continue to trust in Coach Richt, and hope that whoever wins the job doesn't even come into play all that much in 2010. Why do I say that? Because I have a DAMN GOOD feeling that Todd Grantham's defense is going to start to dominate once the bugs get worked out! I may be jumping the gun because it is not totally realistic to expect this defense to click right off the bat, but the talent is SOOOOOO there!



  1. Mett didn't get the 1st string reps because he's not going to play the first game. If he ends up 1st string when he comes back it will be because AM has lost it. G-Day was the beginning of his suspension.

  2. I'll still be barking if Homer Simpson wins the QB battle!

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