Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why The Details Should Come Out On Mett

I'm going to try and make this as to the point as possible so that I can start talking about some football again! Don't forget people, I LOVE UGA FOOTBALL, MARK RICHT, and almost everything else that surrounds this great program.

Yesterday, I posted a blog with a simple call for some details on what warranted Zach Mettenbergerr's dismissal from the UGA football team (Things Still Are Not Adding Up). Little did I know, it would piss off a lot of people, and many of them labeled me as someone who thought I was "entitled". Hell, I HATE ENTITLEMENT!

What I want is a few answers. Am I going to push for laws forcing those answers? Hell no! Am I still going to voice my opinion? Until I'm dead probably!

The main motivation for the post was when I got a call from one of my closest friends. His immediate reaction to the dismissal was that he couldn't believe Mettenberger had been kicked off the team for the spring break incident when other players had been given chances for things seemingly worse than underage drinking and lying to the police. My response to him was that he needed to calm down because surely there would be more details to come. Surely Mark Richt, being a level-headed man, knew something that we were not privy to. I know Mark Richt would only dismiss a player if he truly deserved it. The comment from my friend was "if it would have been one of UGAs thugs, Richt would have given them at least two more chances". I told "friend" that he was being ridiculous, and just wait until Monday for the "real story".

By Monday, we still knew nothing more. That prompted me to write Tuesday's blog. And DAMN, that blog got more negative comments than I have received in the 3 months I have been writing this blog.

Let me close with a few points:

1) In no way am I entitled to know what happened; but Mark Richt should tell the public in my opinion.

2) Without knowing what really happened, it does seem extremely unfair to Zach Mettenberger when you look at the actions of other players that were simply suspended.

3) The truth will eventually come out, so why doesn't it come from the head of the program as soon as possible.

4) If the case is still open, wait for the dismissal.

5) I am extremely glad that so many of you feel free to give me your opposite opinions. Especially when they are valid, ala Ben Dukes (I have deep respect for the opinion of a former Dawg).

6) Let's hurry up and get the Decade of the Dawg going so we can see some football!


  1. There is a very good reason that CMR is not going to say anything. The first thing is that the decision about what Mettenberger is going to do next has to be resolved. Is he going to GMC or another JUCO? Is he going to another BCS team? If so, will he be given a release so he only has to sit out one year rather than two? If I know CMR he will either encourage Zach to go to GMC and if Zach isn't interested he will help find Zach a home somewhere. The head coach at the schools that may be interested in Zach will learn the real facts first, but what CMR will not do is further undermine Zach's rep and his opportunities to satisfy the fans.

  2. I think you are probably exactly right Anon. I will trust in Richt as long as he's a Dawg. But, I will still disagree with him from time to time. Like now.

  3. I know what happened, but I won't provide full details. But I will say this: There was another "incident..." Very recently. Think roethlisberger style. They are attempting to keep it under wraps for the sake of zach's future prospects, but CMR sacked him due to the details of what happened and the temporal proximity to the other "incident.". He's gone. CMR isn't going to give the kid trouble about transferring, unless he tries to go to an SEC school, which he won't. Everyone is looking to keep it cool and make his exodus smooth. The details won't help anyone. We need to just let it all go. Good luck Mettie!

  4. Decade of the Dawg has a nice ring to it, and I'm almost sure it'll catch on (cringe). But, let's talk about exactly what we're looking for in this "decade of the dawg." Are we looking for multiple national titles? Multiple SEC titles? Or, are we just talking about consistent relevance at the top of the college football landscape. The latter is what I'd like. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see UGA pull three national titles in the teens, but I know very well that even aligning the stars for a single one can be tough. (Unlike many, I think 2010 is a great year for UGA to shock folks and pull it off).

    So, if we look back over the 2000's, who was the team of THAT decade?

    LSU and FL own two BCS titles each, but USC had that ridiculous run in which they grabbed a BCS title, an AP title and won 34 consecutive games. But, then in the latter half of the decade, they fell off. So who do we give it to?

    Like many, in the first few years of Richt's reign, I believed UGA and LSU would be swapping off titles for a long time to come. And then, I was wrong.

    So, Andy, what are you looking for? What's this "Decade of the Dawg" supposed to bring you? Tell us more.

  5. I think it is pretty obvious why Richt has not said anything -- two reasons: Mett has not been charged with the conduct causing his dismissal from the team and Richt is not out to make Mett look any worse that he already does. Plus, if Mett is never charged with it, Richt could risk some liability for giving the details now.

  6. Dukes, that sounds like a good topic for another blog this week...

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