Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sports Media Has Love Affair With Florida Gators

After reading this article yesterday (Mr. College Football), I couldn't help but think of how a big portion of the sports media has a love affair with the Florida Gators. This is eerily similar to that love affair that the majority of mainstream media outlets have with Barrack Obama.

Florida gained the bulk of attention within the college football media over the past few years, and it was much deserved due to the fact that they dominated almost every game they played. Then, low and behold, those crimson pacaderms from Alabama came in and proved what hard-nosed SEC football is really all about. I will admit that I lost a few c-notes on that game because I had bought into the "Tebow won't be beaten" hype as well. Now, we sit here only a few months removed from that domination, and I am reading articles left and right that proclaim Florida to be the greatest team in all the land once again.

I may be wrong, stupid, or both, but did they not lose virtually their entire offense, and almost the whole defense? Plus, losing Tim Tebow cannot even be measured by shear numbers alone. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would say that Florida loses at least 4 games next season. Obviously that bet doesn't mean much since I have a hard time breaking even at college football's season end every year. But, I still like to run my mouth!

Obama took a temporary hit in the media when the country realized he was going to have his "boys" force socialized medicine down our throats whether we liked it or not, but it didn't last long! The liberal media is back on that bandwagon for the time being. Much the same, Florida lost a lot of its luster when Bama went into the Georgia Dome and completely dominated those horrendously uniformed Gators. Now, the whole sports world is boasting about how John Brantley is going to throw for 10,000 yards after that amazing spring game last weekend.

I say...Dawgs 34 - Gaytors 17...come next fall in Jacksonville!


  1. They're the hot media darling right now. The same thing happened with USC during its dominant run from 2002-2005. Since the loss to Texas, they haven't been nearly the national player they were before, and it took an 8-4 season and the talk of NCAA punishment for violations to get the media off the trojan train. The fact is, USC was a good team at the right time in their conference. Florida has been much the same. The SEC has seen a great amount of transition over the past few years, and Florida has been able to capitalize on that and dominate. Alabama has now risen back up. Georgia is making moves to right its ship. Auburn and Kentucky are coming on. The SEC, already the class of Div-1 football, is going to become significantly harder to win in, and all of this comes at a time when Florida is the team in transition.

    Everybody loves a winner....but you can't win simply on everybody's love. I don't like Florida's chances.

  2. That is a weak statement. Let me guess, there is also a left wing conspiracy that is behind it all. The fact is UGA needs to win and the rest will take care of itself.

  3. All good points Ben, and I completely agree! I never really disliked USC till they were so blown up during that period. Same with Ohio State! The SEC took care of that love affair somewhat though!

  4. Anon, the only "left wing conspiracy" I am paying attention to these days is SOCIALISM in America! As far as UGA winning and taking care of business...AMEN!

  5. The media has love affairs with winners. There is nothing conspiratorial or unusual in that. Once the Dawgs start beating Florida consistently, the affair will end. I do agree with you, I think FL will drop 4 games. As for Obama and “socialized” medicine; I’m not sure which keg you’ve been drinking from, but his “liberal” health care plan is far from socialized or liberal. Most of it was lifted from the plan Conservatives, like Bob Dole, offered in the nineties as an alternative to Bill Clinton’s Health care plan (read that one over if you want liberal). The fact that Conservatives ran away from those ideas and let Obama take full credit for them was a profound political mistake. If you think this plan is “socialized”, then why are the insurance companies gaining millions of new customers? Maybe it should be called, “forced capitalism”. At any rate the Dow went higher the next day after it was passed and is continuing on an up swing. The Stock Exchange never moves up on a social “give away”. Capitalism is alive and well and will be doing even better under this plan. Go Dawgs!

  6. Anon my friend, I can debate politics with you all day long. As passionate as I am about UGA, I may be more so about the political environment in MY country. This "Obamacare" has done nothing more than open the door for his socialist/Marxist philosophical believes to become law. Just go watch a few of his comments he has made already. Here's one of note: Obama Videos

  7. Quote: "The Stock Exchange never moves up on a social “give away”. Capitalism is alive and well and will be doing even better under this plan."

    I am a veteran investment advisor (25 years)and all I can say is that this poor guy has it all wrong. Go Dawgs!



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