Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things Still Are Not Adding Up

I have been holding back my thoughts on the Zach Mettenberger saga for hopes that Mark Richt and the University of Georgia would shed a little more light on the situation about the dismissal of the freshman quarterback. Here we are a few days later, and we still know the same thing we did Sunday afternoon, NOTHING.

I understand a person's or organization's right to privacy, I really do. But, I also understand that much of that privacy is forfeited when you rely on the public to fund almost all things you do that require financial backing. As a donor of the UGA Athletics fund, I feel that I am owed quite a bit more of an explanation than just "the player has violated team rules". There are many players that violate "team rules" and remain on the team.

From day one, I have been an Aaron Murray supporter for the starting quarterback spot. That being said, I think that Zach Mettenberger was holding his own in the competition. Did Mett do something that warranted dismissal? I have no clue because my beloved school will not give me the straight facts! Is it something that is still being investigated? Obviously so, but why not suspend Mett indefinitely or something like that.

I could rant and rave about the secrecy of this matter, and the seeming injustice that has taken place, but the only real thing I have to go on is the fact that the Dawgnation is being completely held in the dark. And I, for one, do not think it is the right thing to do. Give us some answers UGA!


  1. A reasonable, yet unconfirmed, explaination...


  2. Yeah, I have read that in quite a few places. I just wonder why the University will not come out and say it. Otherwise, DON'T dismiss the player yet if the evidence is not solid.

  3. From the a Dawgvent poster:

    "What really went down with the Mett situation Reply
    He went down to Valdosta to visit a couple buddies from high school, one of whom I am good friends with. They went out and had some drinks and Mett got drunk and started touching a couple girls inappropriately, he got warned 3 different times by 2 of the bouncers to calm down or he was gonna get kicked out. He then went up underneath a girls skirt, a girl that worked there and has a BF, and not only did he just go up her skirt but her underwear as well. He then got kicked out and as he was arguing with the bouncers the cops came up and then asked what was going on. The bouncers just said he was acting stupid and they wanted him out of the bar, th cops asked to see his ID and he gave them his fake, they brought him over to the car and talked to him and told him to give them the fake ID's and get one of his friends who hasnt been drinking to take him wherever he was staying. He wanted to argue with them so he got arrested. While he was with the cops the girls came out and told them what went on, the girls were given the option to press charges but declined and said they hope he gets everything he deserves from Richt and the university. He then begged th cops to let him go and said he is a QB at UGA and said he has alot to lose. After he got bailed out he came back to Athens and lied to Richt and Bobo and told them he was drunk, but only grabbed one girls hips to move her out of the way so he could go the the restroom. Our staff heard from multiple people there was alot more to it than what Mett said and found out about it, but couldnt actually do anything until either Mett confessed to it or the police department told them. I dont know how they found out for sure but they did and thats why the punishment is so harsh. I hope he gets another chance somewhere, but he deserves this and yes I know the girl that it happened to so all these posts about Richt overreacting and being to harsh, I take personally."

  4. In no way am I going against what Richt did. I just don't think it is very responsible from a publicity standpoint to dismiss a high profile player with NO explanation. He should be kicked off if that is what happened, no doubt. But, the Dawgnation should be given answers.

  5. The high profile player's mother works for the team... kind of a difficult problem for Richt to go telling details about hands up the skirt with the kids mother working with you everyday

  6. The whole situation is difficult. His mom's job is still no excuse in my opinion. I'm sure other players mothers didn't like their child's business all over the news. It's the nature of being a division I football player.

  7. Richt, et al, are doing exactly what they should do. Nobody owes us ANYTHING with regard to explanation until the facts are public. We cannot be so selfish as to chance sullying the reputation of people who are otherwise innocent by dragging this out in the media. Calm down. The right thing will be done.

  8. Did you read my post Anon? If the "facts" aren't public, then don't make the dismissal from the team public yet. By dismissing a player without real cause, you have done nothing but stir up a big mess.

  9. I will say this to all of UGABlog.com's readers...I am EXTREMELY happy to see this program take a stand on discipline! I just want transparency when necessary.

    Kicking a player off the team, and not telling us why is kind of like passing a bill that encompasses 15% of the economy without knowing what's in the bill.

    Wait.....that just happened, didn't it! YOWSERS!

  10. Andy, the school can't release information on any of it's students because of Federal Student Privacy Act. If Richt released details without Mett's parents permission he would be committing a crime. Once it becomes public knowledge via the cops he can address it.

  11. All criminal activity is released to the public on persons over 18. They just know something that's being "hushed" up.

  12. I [don't] hate to tell all of you, you aren't owed anything. The coach dismissed a player for violating team rules. That's all you need to know. Which rule? Doesn't matter. Apparently, it was enough of a rule to merit dismissal. Coach Richt has a history of allowing second chances. But, there are things in life that also require zero tolerance. Whatever Mettenburger did fell under that category. So there it is. He's gone, it's done, get over it.

  13. Ok Ben, I respect your opinion, I really do. But, I ask you this: does a shareholder in a corporation deserve explanations of how the company spends money or makes decisions?

    I liken this situation in that I am a financial shareholder in the University of Georgia football program. For 13 years now, I have donated tens of thousands of my hard earned dollars to the programs; therefore, I feel I am owed and explanation of all things that go on within the program.

  14. I completely agree with Ben Dukes. Do you contribute so that you can have a say in how the program is run? If so then you've made a mistake because thats not how it works.

  15. So, if the majority of donors to a major college football program want their coach out, do you think it would happen? The answer is yes, it would happen mid season.

    Lord knows I am no Boone T. Pickens type of donor, but I'm willing to bet he gets a say in how the Oklahoma State program is run.

  16. Just because you contribute financially to the program does not mean you have a stake or ownership in the program like a stockholder has in a company. Maybe they'll start paying a dividend based on that financial contribution?? Sounds good.

  17. So, do you think the fact that my cousin has a 50 foot tall picture of him on the back of Sanford Stadium has anything to do with the money my uncle has donated to the program over the years?

    Of course it does. That's the way the cookie crumbles. This is a stupid argument. Next topic.

  18. Andy, this is not a major corporation. And no, I don't believe donors have any right or say in what happens behind the doors of the locker room. I was in that locker room, and I didn't want anybody trying to come in there and tell us how to do what we did.

    Simply put, there are hundreds of thousands of donors to the school and the football program at large, and a large percentage of them don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to football. I'm [not] sorry, but that's just the case. So, what does we do? We hire people who DO know about football and about running a team, and about success, to do that stuff for us.

    The fact is, you aren't going to be out there on Saturdays, bleeding, sweating, and ultimately having to live with the results of what happens on that field. Oh sure, your PRIDE may swell up or take a hit, but it won't change much in your day to day life unless you have a serious gambling problem. The boys on that team are the ones who have to face the consequences of what they do. They will gain from successes and they will suffer from their failures. But, they will do so because of their commitment to their TEAM.

    Players are responsible to themselves, to their teammates and to their coaches. They are NOT responsible to donors or fans. The coaches are responsible to their peers and to their players. They also are not responsible to donors and fans. Sure, Richt may have to come out and disclose his actions, but he doesn't have to tell you every detail.

    Just be glad that whatever it is ISN'T being swept under the rug, but dealt with. You don't need all the gory details anyway. How is it going to benefit your life to know all about the bad decisions this kid made? All it can possibly serve to do is hurt his reputation, and there's no need for that. He did something wrong, and he was punished. That's all you need to know.

  19. You're a *Gasp* DONOR? Wow.

    Who the hell do you think you are demanding answers?

    Pointing and laughing at YOU, fella.

  20. Boone T. Pickens??!?

    Pointing and lauging again!!!

  21. Go ahead, give up your tickets. Someone else will take them.


  22. A donor is much different than an investor.

  23. It would not be in CMRs best interest to give you reasons to why Mett was released. We'll all find out eventually anyway in this digital age. It just sounds like it's not quick enough for you. Sit back and be patient if you are into the paparazzi journalism. This 'entitlement' crap is what got Mett in trouble to begin with and now we have fans feeling "entitled" because they give a few bucks to the program? Get over it, Richt is too professional to be the one to give you that info.

  24. 3rd,

    In this "digital age" coach Mark Richt is losing credibility among fans. I love Mark Richt, and wouldn't trade him for any coach in the land.

    You are right, the truth will come out. Why not from the head of the program that just ousted the guilty party?

    Without it, Richt looks like a guy that gives some people chances, and doesn't others. We all know that is not the truth.

  25. No, Andy, Richt is only losing credibility with delusional fans.

    How do you know how many chances he gave this Mettenberger kid? Montez Robinson's chances were made public, because of arrests that are part of public record.

    It is not Mark Richt's job to tell you WHY he removes someone from the team.

    I think I have figured out why today is the first time I've read this blog.

  26. Hey Anon, "delusional fans" can do a lot to a program. Hell, delusional Americans elected our current president. LOL

  27. Delusional fans can do bad things to programs, which what you're asking for would be.

  28. Right to know

    Need to know

    Want to know

    All very different

  29. What you don't seem to grasp is the fact that Richt nor the University is legally allowed to tell you or anyone else why Mettenberger has been dismissed. To do so would be setting themselves up for a lawsuit from the family. And the family would win. Easily.

    IF Mett is charged with any crimes stemming from this, then it will become public knowledge. Even then, CMR will never publicly comment on this situation, nor does he need to.

    The coaches and the AD know why this dismissal happened. I would assume the players know as well. No one else, no matter how much money he or his uncle has given, has any right whatsoever to have knowledge of Mett's mistakes.

    You are entitled to nothing in this situation. Get over it.

    But beyond that, Ben Dukes rules. Great post.

  30. If Mark Richt loses your fandom in this digital age over this... then GREAT! quit being a fan and a donor.

    You're not on the side of the majority on this one.

    You're whining, looking incredibly bad with the whole I'm a donor bit, and then threatening that Richt is being made to look bad over all this.

    Get a freakin' life dude. You aren't important.



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