Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gray Day, You Be The Judge

We have pretty much all heard about the possibility of Logan Gray transferring to another program. I figured I might as well join the rest of the Dawgnation, and put in my two cents.

The selfish Dawgfan side of me says that Logan should definitely stay put here at UGA. I think that Logan should stay put and make the request to move to receiver. The part us fans don't know yet is whether or not that is what Logan is trying to do. Surely the coaching staff would not give him the option to stay only as a quarterback? Right?

Sure, Richt and company are going to be put into a major pickle if Logan says he doesn't want to be the back-up, but I for one don't want to lose such a dedicated athlete because we refuse to let him move positions. This is a tough one!

The logical side of me says "go Logan go". If I was Logan Gray, I would probably be on the next bus to Ga Southern. The only problem with that, is he would be competing against Jaybo Shaw (transferred from Tech) for that qb spot. I personally think he is a much better athlete than Shaw (even though Shaw was one hell of a high school QB).

Either way Logan, I support you because you have done everything that has been asked of you as a Bulldawg! Logan, you are a Damn Good Dawg even if you do decide to pick up and move on!

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