Monday, May 3, 2010

Surgery, Weddings, Anger Management, & The English Bulldog Volcano

I need to first apologize for my absence from the UGABlogosphere last week. An unexpected distal biceps tendon rupture rendered me disabled for several days after surgery!

Where do I start? Well, my fiance's brother was married on April 17th; he had a bachelor party April 10th; my arm was destroyed the morning after, April 11th; and my new English friend, Harry, got stuck here for 12 extra days after the wedding because of a Volcano. Yep, that about sums it up, and I bet you're confused.

Seriously though, I had surgery on my elbow last week, and blogging wasn't really feasible. I did think about it every day though! After enjoying Several 'spirits' at the bachelor party, wrestling and participating in 'smacking contests' til my arm nearly fell off, and throwing my little girl's tricycle clear across the back yard, my arm couldn't take it anymore, and the distal tendon snapped clear in two.

I tried to ignore the injury; then came the wedding the next weekend with family and friends coming in to town. Harry, the Englishman who was supposed to fly out the day after enjoying the nuptials, ended up stranded in Georgia for nearly two weeks due to the Icelandic Volcano. This is where the Dawg portion of this post comes in to play (see picture). I made a possibly successful attempt to convert Harry into a REAL English Bulldawg!

Somewhere amidst the 12 days of attempting to show Harry how us Americans know how to drink, I sobered up and the MRI revealed the urgent need for surgery. That or I would lose basically the majority of my left bicep muscle!

Moral of the story: anger is stupid, weddings suck, and English Bulldawgs make great friends!


  1. Almost sounds like a mix between a Jimmy Buffett and an REM careful out there dude!

  2. Shannon BilodeauMay 3, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    I hope your Bachelor Party isn't as rough on you!!!! Sarah will kill you if you are a cripple at the wedding! And FYI, you aren't 20 anymore!!! I know, I know, I still act like it too sometimes and I have 10 years on you!!! Hope you feel better soon!

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