Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Logan Gray, To You I Say THANKS!

I'll admit it! When I heard the story a few weeks ago that Gray was considering a transfer, I immediately felt sick at my stomach. I have never really said much negative about the kid since he set foot on campus. Sure, he didn't look great the times he got into a game in the past, but he was almost always put in at inopportune times.

I had Gray as 3rd on MY depth chart concluding the spring, but I would have had some confidence if Richt had named him #1. Today we find out that Logan is going to stay at UGA and work as a receiver and QB. I can't wait to see what the kid can do with the ball at receiver. I mentioned in a post earlier that I think he has the potential to be a good possession type receiver that can score points if he breaks loose.
It's time to make Logan Gray face the fact that he can help this team in other areas. I think Gray has the potential to be a great possession type receiver. Wouldn't it be sweet to have our very own shorter version of an Ed McCaffrey type play-maker?

To you, Logan Gray, I say THANK YOU for not leaving the Dawgs high and dry at QB. I wouldn't have blamed you in the least if you did, but now I will become one of your biggest fans!


  1. You think Logan can be a great receiver? He can't even return a punt, he will get stood up at the line by SEC corners.

  2. How do you know he can't? He's never been given the opportunity to do anything but fair catch. Plus, if Fred Gibson can get off the line, I'm damned sure Gray can. Gray is twice as strong as Gibson ever was.

  3. Logan Gray won't line up against many corners. Assuming he gets into a game at wideout, he'll most likely work as a slot receiver, who is often covered by a safety or LB. If the defense gets in Nickel or Dime, you'll see him covered up by a corner...but not many teams are going to bump-and-run the third receiver, either.

  4. The only place Gray can help us win is at QB. Scratch that, backup QB. But I would put him over Mason to at least give him the opportunity to succeed.

  5. A lot of you must know something that no one else does. Have you ever seen the kid play receiver? If you have, I'd love to hear the details about why he won't succeed there?

  6. Crap, Andy. I can't believe you are the first writer to pass my smell test on Logan. Congratulations and I have to say that I am surprised that you and I are together as avid fans for Logan Gray's future.

    The place he will excell is on the wild dog O or as I like to term it, the Dingo Offense. He should be a natural and I hope that Richt and Bobo let him have his head as a great athlete to run that type of Offense. WE shall see.

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