Thursday, March 4, 2010

UGA Should Decide QB ASAP

The fact that there is a quarterback battle of any kind could be seen as a good sign, especially from optimistic Dawg fans. I, for one, am glad that we seem to have some formidable options this year unlike last. Without the arm injury, I firmly believe Murray would have been our guy after the third or fourth game of the season in 2009.

That last comment is one of the main reasons I believe this quarterback battle may be getting a little over hyped by the media and blogosphere. I tried to ride the fence for most of the off season, but I have come to the conclusion that I am a blogger, and not a reporter; therefore, I am obligated to spout at the mouth about who I feel should get the nod. From reading thousands of articles, blogs, reports, and watching hundreds of videos and live action, this whole "battle" seems like a no-brainer. Aaron Murray is our man.

I could go on and on like many have, but I am going to give my top 5 reasons that UGA should go ahead and let the world know that Aaron Murray is the next coming:

1.) He's flat out better at the position than the other two. I saw Mettenberger play every game from his high school senior year, and I saw nothing special other than a BIG arm. He may develop into an SEC caliber QB one day, so don't get me wrong. Gray, while not given much of a chance, did NOTHING to show he should be the man last year.

2.) Aaron Murray did things in high school that only pure winners do on the football field. The miraculous recovery from a broken leg, ridiculous stats, poise beyond his years...need I say more? Heck, just watching him warm up with the other guys during the Tennessee Tech game last year showed me he is much better than his competition.

3.) It's time to make Logan Gray face the fact that he can help this team in other areas. I think Gray has the potential to be a great possession type receiver. Wouldn't it be sweet to have our very own shorter version of an Ed McCaffrey type play-maker?

4.) The whole "this guy has paid his dues thing" hasn't really panned out for Georgia as far as QBs are concerned, now has it? Joe T and Joe C may have been great guys and all, but...

5.) And, the most important reason that I think the UGA coaching staff should go ahead and end the drama as soon as possible is so that Aaron Murray can go ahead and become the leader of this team.

Now, I very well could be wrong, Murray may not be the best option. If that's the case, then let's make whoever the man is, THE MAN ASAP!

Go Dawgs, I can't wait to see who starts as the leader of The Decade Of The Dawg!


  1. I agree with you. CMR has seen enough QBs to make a very good decision after this spring. He will know in his gut who has the right stuff and by making the decision early he let's that guy step in and be the leader. The guy (whoever it is) will need all the reps he can get with the 1st team to be sucessful early on. Even if Richt and Bobo are only 85% sure, the upside of making an early decision outweighs what you might see by waiting.

  2. we need reps from our #1 qb, got to be Murray. No one else close.

  3. You are both exactly right! Let the starter be know and give him as many reps as humanly possible! Even if most of those reps are just handing the ball off to Ealey!

  4. How about

    #6 The starting QB needs as many reps as possible with the first team offenses and against the first team defense. Spliting the reps three ways is really hurting the eventual starter.

  5. couldn't agree more with the first two commentors about the guy needing to get reps. This whole sharing reps thing scares me a bit, because it's gonna hold them all back. Gray has looked lost every time he's been on the field and unless mettenberger has made some miraculous improvements he's not our guy either. Colt McCoy - "Aaron Murray's the most impressive QB I've ever seen." I don't want to jynx Murray or anything but he reminds me of Steve Young. Short, athletic/good runner, very accurate.

  6. Man I hope he's like Steve Young! We would be in for a fun four years with all the talent that surrounds him!

  7. After each year, the players returning for the next year are sat down for the "end of the season" exit interview. They are asked about things such as: what was the highlight of this past season, what was your single most memorable accomplishment, etc...and one of the last questions is..who is the leader of this team for next year? Last year, as the coaches put it, Joe Cox was the first name off of everyone's tongue. Well, we all see how that turned out. Has anyone heard who was pointed out as the leader to take us into a 2010 season? Here is hoping that it is Aaron Murray!

  8. I agree that UGA needs to go ahead and establish its offensive leader. However,
    1) The whole "paid his dues" thing did kinda work out for one guy....his name was DJ Shockley, and he led us to a SEC championship and the Sugar Bowl.
    2) You base that Murray is head and shoulders above the other two based on some warm ups against Tennessee Tech? That sounds rather ridiculous.

  9. Hey ANON,

    "Aaron Murray did things in high school that only pure winners do on the football field. The miraculous recovery from a broken leg, ridiculous stats, poise beyond his years...need I say more? Heck, just watching him warm up with the other guys during the Tennessee Tech game last year showed me he is much better than his competition."

    Way to take part of one sentence and base my whole opinion on it. Plus, I've written about 1000 words on him prior if you want to go back and research before calling me "ridiculous".

    That is all.

  10. I thought it was a great piece Andy. Don't worry about anonymous haters. You're writing this for you and your reader's enjoyment, not to be critiqued as a journalist. Does "ANON" pay to read this blog?

    I said the same thing from when we found out that Murray was coming to UGA last year. He's more mobile than Cox or Stafford and is a proven winner (in HS). At the spring game last year I couldn't believe how good Murray was, especially on one roll-out pass that he threw with ridiculous accuracy and speed. Kid can throw strikes!

    DJ did actually split time with Greene and was used in some particular situations, so it wasn't like he was a rookie when he came in. Other than the Colorado game and during the initial '06 QB battle, Cox had about as many meaningful snaps as Gray has had. So to me, your point is more than valid that QB's who "wait their turn" don't always pan out.

    Keep bloggin!

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