Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Would You Rather, Spring Practice Edition

Since spring practice is in full bloom right now, I thought I would take one of my "Would You Rather" posts and try to relate it to spring practice. So...

Would you rather...

1) Have Mett split reps at QB this spring, or go ahead and face the fact that the whole arrest thing has eliminated him from the race?
Let's go ahead and let the best QB get his reps!

2) Have Logan Gray go ahead and start learning the WR position full time, or continue to fight it out at QB?
Something tells me that Gray might make one heck of a receiver if he can catch.

3) Run the 3-4 on defense, or the 4-3?
I'm excited as all get out to see what this kill the QB 3-4 is going to do!

4) Have Kirby Smart at DC, or Grantham?
I was a big advocate of Smart, but I think we made a smart choice with Grantham!

5) Have Mark Richt take over the special teams, or keep it as it is?
Why not bring our on version of Beamerball to the Dawgs?


  1. CMR lost all credibility with his statement that L Gray might be fielding punts again this year. "Insanity is doing the same thing time after time and expecting a different result."

  2. Insanity is making stupid statements without context. Richt said it depended on the QB race. If Gray's the best player for the job then so be it. It's a spot where a boneheaded decision can change a game. It's also a situation that if handled correctly results in Gray never being touched.

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