Friday, March 12, 2010

UGA Baseball Should Be Better

Just a quick thought for today. Why is the UGA baseball team struggling so much this season? I have often wondered why the UGA baseball program is not a perennial powerhouse. Most of us probably have to face the fact that those ugly yellow bugs have out performed us in baseball for the past several years. The state of Georgia produces just as much (if not more) baseball talent than it does football, so why can't we funnel some of that into Athens? Is it because so many of the studs out of this state just skip college? That is probably one of the main reasons. Anyways, I will stop my rant, I just feel really disappointed that we aren't in contention for national titles more often. None-the-less, go Dawgs! Let's right this ship on the diamond and start a winning streak!


  1. Yes they do have talent. They had 11 player drafted last year. Injury to middle infielder Hyams and Farmer is a large part of the problem.

  2. I will keep on rooting, and maybe we will right the ship! I haven't kept up with the team as well as I should have this year. I have football on the brain! :)

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