Monday, March 1, 2010

Gator Hator Confirmation

This past Saturday, I made the trek over to Athens for my first basketball game in the past several years. Not only did I get to see a great game, I renewed my hatred for the Florida Gators (not that I needed to, since it was already plenty strong).

From a basketball standpoint, it seemed to me that the Dawgs were a bit outmatched, mainly due to the depth that the Gators had and we lacked. Our starting 5 easily could have been called equal talent wise, but Florida did have much more as far as a bench is concerned. Something I would like to mention before I give my Gatorhater story is what stood out the most in my mind from an X's and O's standpoint. It seemed really obvious to me that we were much better coached than the Gators. I know they have back-to-back national champ coach Billy Donovan, but I am convinced that Georgia had a much better game plan, and we executed on a higher level. Give the Dawgs two years, and they will be contenders!

Now, on to my story of Gator hatred. Sitting in Stegosaurus about 3 minutes after tip off, 4 Florida fans rudely walked into the row in front of me during the middle of live play. No bid deal, right? Then, UF scores a basket, and the leader of this group immediately turns around and starts screaming "Go Gators" into all of the Bulldawg fans around him, while displaying a "chomp" with his hands as widely spread as he possibly could. No biggie, right? Well, 5 seconds into his rudeness, he had already hit like 5 people with his chomps. Amazingly I withstood the urge to punch this guy in the face. I simply laughed to myself, and re-enforced the fact that I am 30, and can't punch annoying guys in the stands at college sporting events anymore. I just laughed at his sagging pants, flat-billed Gaytor hat with store bought stickers still in place, and his skanky girlfriend. I could go on and on about the hour and a half of rudeness this guy put us through, but I won't. The most funny part was when UGA took a 15 point half time lead, and the guy went on a rant about how "let's talk about football Georgia, how does the scoreboard look in football".

WOW, I am a Gaytor Hater for life, and now, so is my fiance!

Go Dawgs....I simply say to this douchebag Gaytor, SCOREBOARD!


  1. "Douchebag Gaytor" is an understatement! You may be too old to punch fans in the stands, but I was SERIOUSLY considering making it my first time! Winning became even sweeter after that :)

  2. I would have punched his girlfriend just for effect.

  3. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog NationMarch 1, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    lol too funny! i'm just glad our Dawgs won and that you didn't punch that's not worth it. i had a similar experience walkin into the game in Jax last year...i wanted to pop this doosh's head from his body but i then thought that i'd rather see the game...after the game i was thinkin i'd probably rather popped that doosh's head off his body instead! lol this is the year of the Dawg baby! it's our time to shine! GO DAWGS!

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