Monday, March 29, 2010

Can UGA Mimic Alabama in 2010?

As I have studied this 2010 Bulldawg team, I have often found myself comparing them to Alabama's team from last year. Ok, it's easy to want to compare your team to the reigning national champions, I know. Forgetting that for a few minutes, let me lay out my argument.

No one really thought Alabama had a 15-0 caliber team to start the season last year. Most college football savvy fans did anticipate the Tide to be a strong SEC team with a great coach, a bunch of great of athletes, and a big question mark at QB. Hey, this sounds like the 2010 Dawgs to me.

I could probably type a 2000 word essay on some other similarities I see, and why we are ultimately better than them just because WE ARE GEORGIA, but I will leave you with one final thought. UGA has probably overall better athletes on defense than Bama did. We also have more/better options at QB. Let's see if another 15-0 underdog can come out of the SEC this season!


  1. UGA is also in it's first year in the 3-4 while Bama had been running the system for 3 years.

    I think its ludicrous to think we could be that good but we have tons of talent and our QB's are really going to have to step up to go like 10-2. That's just reality, we can't hope to go 12-0 implementing a whole new game plan. It's like hiring a new coach and hoping to win the national championship

  2. Ludicrous, nah...wishful thinking..DEFINITELY!

  3. LOTS of teams could make the same claim. It would be nice but very unlikely. 10-2 is a reasonable goal. Any better than that would be outstanding.

  4. The schedule sets up a lot better this year(and in 2011). That's for sure. Plenty of games we "could" lose, but the game in Jax is the only one you look at and say we'd be the underdog if we played now.

    I think 10-2 is a very realistic expectation. We shouldn't lose to Ark, UT or GT at home so 10-2 means losing 2 of 3 at SC, UF and at AU. We certainly can do better than that.

  5. There is certainly nothing wrong with high expectations. I will say this though; I will be a bit disappointed with anything less that 10-3 after the bowl. There is too much talent on this team. Now let's harness it!

  6. As optimistic as I am about the Dawgs, this comparison is a bit much. The biggest similarity with Bama is that we have uncertainty at QB, something half of college football has in common also. Bama had everybody coming back on defense. We do not.

    Yes the other big similarity is that we will now employ a 3-4 defense but Bama didn't win it because of the 3-4. They won it because of Cody, Mclain, Ingram, Jones, etc, etc. In other words a bunch of guys that played at a very high level.

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