Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Possible End To UGA's Trash Crisis

Although we all know that the issue of trash is pretty much a scape goat for the University to end all of the drunken fun that is had on campus in Athens, I'd like to throw another suggestion out there as to how we can "Keep North Campus Clean" without ending everyone's game day fun!

I have no raw data, but I am willing to bet that hundreds (if not thousands) of tickets are given in downtown Athens each semester for underage drinking, disorderly conduct, urinating in public, etc. How about taking those that get caught and assigning them to a specific community service program that involves cleaning up North Campus after each home game in the fall? We could save money, clean up the trash, and most likely curve a small amount of mischief that occurs downtown due to unruly students!

Hey, it's just an idea, but a damn good one if I might add! I just don't want to see the University ruin one of the things that differentiates college football in the South from anywhere else on earth. Please don't do this to the fans UGA!


  1. I think a better idea is for everyone who tailgates to bring their own trash bags, and pick up after themselves. I've heard too many people talk about what the university could do to improve the situation, but if everyone would take care of their own area, there would be no problem. While I applaud people for putting their trash in a provided trash can, it's wrong to feel entitled to them, or to expect the university to provide more of them. Bottom line: Use trash cans when and where available, but when those resources are exhausted, start filling up your own trash bags, and then take them with you when you go.

  2. Yeah Anon, they tried that last year. Apparently it didn't work.

  3. I like what I read in another post yesterday: Should they shut down Sanford Stadium because of all the trash left inside after games?

  4. Sanford was BUILT for football. The North campus of the university was not built for a drunken trash party. There is no excuse for what has been happening up there.

  5. So Furban, you are saying FOOTBALL = Trash?

    I see your point, but my point is that North Campus is a great place to tailgate. Just like Sanford Stadium is a great place to have fun in the stands, and yes...leave your trash. As long as property is not destroyed, there is no reason not to let North Campus stay a tailgating station!

  6. Why don't you get together a committee of blogging fans to solve this? Gather the best ideas and send them to the Student Council to approve and negotiate with the President. The Campus belongs to the active students now enrolled. As responsible alums we should plan well to keep the area clean WHILE AT THE GAME AND WHEN PACKING UP TO LEAVE. Building supervisors/janitorial staff could be hired for overtime pay to ensure it is all collected so that downtown indigents(as some people claim)can't look for cans. Have a designated bin(s) for cans and the university can redeem them). Have early spaces assigned to those who pay a small fee($5?) to allay trash overtime costs. At no time should anyone want one piece of trash to reflect as some of you have that the alums or fans are not environmental and beauty conscious concerning our campus. If a group of you are buddies, then apply for a group area that you will be responsible for. Typing these suggestions are stupid on my part since I have believed that graduates from UGA should be the most environmentally conscious group from any school. Why? Because the "Father of Ecology", Dr. Eugene Odum, is from our school and whose definitive textbook has swept all Universities and countries. His textbook has been the top basic book of the science since the beginning of the Ecology Movement.

    Try suggesting ways to beautify the area when you tailgate such that it becomes a centerpiece of beauty through the coming years. If you love our school and you sincerely care then this can be done. Come on! Some of you wish to appear as brainiacs in your columns/articles. Work with our school and find out what tailgaters can do to add to an area, not detract. Lead! instead of bitching at the President for doing the right thing no matter how much ire he has generated in those who feel that they are entitled. Act like you are a part of the school and quit blaming others, otherwise shutup! You should be privileged to tailgate on North Campus. Anyway, your donations are probably to be qualified for better and home football tickets. Who cares if you can't tailgate on North Campus? If you care, you had best begin to show it.

    Furban8 and anon are trying to help here. You sound as if you want to continue the trash binge because you can't think beyond bringing your own trash bag. There are numerous solutions that would permit tailgating. Consider that the closure is a warning that needs to be undone with a solid plan, not by gripeing.

  7. And another thing! Having current students who had fun drinking/public urination clean up your fun drinking and public urination because you are an alum and you are entitled doesn't sound much like a good example to follow. Current students shouldn't be held responsible for anything that alumni do. A public work/trash pickup hasn't worked for you has it?

  8. Well, I am going to try and make this my final response to this mess.

    First, I rarely ever tailgate on North Campus now that I am a little odler (30).

    Second, students make up a large percentage of the people I see on North Campus when I do walk through it on game day.

    Third, you will NEVER see me leave my trash anywhere when I am using a facility. Not in Athens, not at the Braves game...NOWHERE!

    Fourth, we all know that the "trash" issue is a pure excuse for Adams to get his "Family friendly" campus on game day. They don't want drunks running around.

    Finally, If that is what people want, DON'T go into areas that have been partying like North Campus for YEARS!

  9. This may be the dumbest blog topic in the history of blog topics. The fact is, this drunken idiocy while may be a fun time, it obviously is a black eye on a beautiful campus. Clean it up, or lose your privilege.

  10. Hey Anon, not only did you take the time to read my "dumbest blog topic in history", you commented on it as well! Thanks for your readership!

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