Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Getting that Team Feeling For UGA

When I sit back and objectively think about all of the stories I have read this off season, and the hundreds of quotes I have read from players, the future looks bright! I say this because so many players are talking like a true team this year. For example, in one interview, Washaun Ealey said, "If both of us get 1,000 yards, that would be great, but really we just want to win a national championship."

I know that is just one example, but if I wanted to spend the time, I could dig up at least 30 other similar quotes expressing this teams' desire to simply win. I'm not saying that so many other UGA teams didn't have that same desire to win, it just seems much more apparent this season that the team has one purpose in mind. Last year probably humbled many of the Dawgs. Just showing up on Saturdays doesn't really work. You better bust your ass from January - August so that you bring something extra to the table come game time!


  1. Not to be a negative nancy but quotes like that have been rampant the past two off seasons and both seasons were disappointing. Not to say this season wont be different but it doesnt mean a lot to me. Mett's arrest definitely doesn't help my opinion of the season other than solidifying AM as the guy. He is the horse I have my money on and he already looks like he is the guy after one spring practice. Thanks Mett.

  2. All the hype and positive talk will always be there. I love the fact that all players are excited and pumped but at the end it will be all about coaching. At least CMR started moving the pieces with the dumping/hiring of the defensive staff. But, will the good decisions continue? Knowing that we will have a 1st year starter as QB, is Mike Bobo going to emphasize the run? It was him who decided to go with the toss sweep using the TRUE FRESHMAN instead of the experienced player vs. Kentucky. Is he learning from his mistakes? Remember how the QB "competition" resulted in 2006? NAME YOUR STARTER ASAP, establish the leadership and screw seniority(e.g. Joe Cox). I've been having Nightmares about a Marlon Brown quote from a couple weeks ago "...Gray is the senior of the group and he knows the offense better than the others." Wasn't that the reason to start Joe Cox? Again, coache's choice. Walsh started kicking it in the EndZone a few times and still the coaches couldn't see that it was better that way. Asking too much for Walsh's leg? then use Bogotay too, just get they freaking football in the endzone, make them go 80 yds for the 6 points. So yeah, I'm very happy with the new changes and the players emotions right now. But still worried about the coaching staff decision making ability and blindness to obvious things.

  3. Thanks, Andy. Even when you try to raise the positive temperature, some fans don't want to discuss anything except negative perceptions. Haven't you heard? It's sweeping the country right now. Ordep even questions the blindness(?) and decision-making of our coaching staff. With fan egos like that, you don't have a chance at publishing something upbeat. Well, I enjoyed your words and except for Hale you are one of the few with upbeat words. Some of these readers are doomed to live lifes of old Republicans.

    Everyone seems to be plugging for their favorite to win the QB competition while giving short shrift to the other two. They don't seem to realize that the coaches make that decision for the betterment of the team and not to uphold some past miscomprehended words from ignoramuses about past QBs. They seem fixated that only they can see the true QB, no matter the positive and negative qualities of each, no matter that they all are recruited Bulldogs, no matter that their egotistical opinions are worthless, no matter that they sound like the joke about the two kids at Christmas where the eternally pessimistic kid is given a pony and the eternally optimistic kid is given a pile of horse manure. They, like the pessimistic kid, complain of the horse color and other picky attributes that they perceive while at the same time complaining of the "rose-colored glasses" attitude of the optimist who with great alacrity dive into the manure with the shout of "With all this horse manure around, there must be a pony here somewhere".

    We are blessed with great QBs to choose from and whomever wins will lead us to victories while these selfsame complainers here will complain of the margin of victory, that Bobo didn't consult them when he threw the high arching pass for the td, that the running backs didn't pick up many yards regardless that they may be injured and are giving their Bulldog best for all of us. I guess it's up to the rest of us to ignore their ignorance of the game and the players and enjoy our quest among the horse manure.

  4. I don't disagree with you, however, it seems that CMR is constantly trying to push that positive light to his players, when most of the time he needs to jump up in their face and straighten them out. Penalties last year is a prime example. You are leading the SEC in penalty yards, and are one of the most penalized teams in the nation, so do something about it. He seemed to complacent last year to make decisions, and it cost him at least 2-3 wins. Just my 2 cents.

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