Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mark Richt's Testimony

For those of us that frequent the blogosphere on a daily basis, this post comes as nothing new. For those of you that haven't read Mark Richt's testimony, I think you will truly enjoy his story. I have probably read this one hundred times, and each time I read it over it still makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I am probably as big of a critic as anyone when it comes to the Xs & Os of coaching on the football field. I may never forgive Richt for letting time expire that one time, for letting 4th & 15 turn into an 62 yard play of misery, or for blowing that huge halftime lead against the nerds, but I will always love the man to death. And, I hope he is the coach of the Dawgs for years to come! GO DAWGS!



  1. 100% right! We have the best coach we could possibly ask for. Regardless of what the record book on the field says, this man is a winner, and a winner at where it counts, and thats in eternity. God Bless Coach Richt and GO DAWGS!!!

  2. How can you blame CMR for the Auburn TD? I do not understand why people are so out of the loop on what happened on that play though there is plenty of info out there on it.

    Here is what happened: Tra Battle was playing while being essentially unconscious. It happens. While most people who get concussions go down. Some walk around seeming to be normal. Tra was one who was "knocked out" but no one knew.

    The defense called was cover 2 which was the right call in the situation. Had Tra done his job he would have been there to either break up the pass or tackle the reciever short of the marker. Instead, Tra blitzed and left his zone completely open. When you watch the replay Oliver turns the guy loose as he goes into Tra's zone but Tra's not there. That's what happened. Not CMR's or anyone else's fault.

  3. OK, Anon...you want to talk Xs and Os...first, if Battle was out of it, why was he on the field? I mostly blame this on 'ol Willie!

    Cover two may be a good D in the typical 4th and 15 situation, but not with that little time on the clock. We should have been in a prevent, even though I HATE prevent defense. Don't even give the team the possibility of beating you on one play! Make them earn it.

    It is always a coaches fault when players are out of position in my opinion. Just saying.

  4. If you want coaches to know the un-knowable then I suspect you are a closet Bama fan. I know of no other fans who are that unreasonable and that disconnected from reality.

    Willie didn't know. Tra's teammates didn't know. No one knew until after the play. Tra missed the next week with a concussion.

    And if they got the first down and scored later because of prevent defense then you would have said that they should not have been in prevent. Cover-2 shell was the right call and Tra should have been there. It was not anyone's error that he wasn't its just something that happened.

  5. OK, you got me! Roll Tide! Ha...I bet at least a quarter of a million other Dawg fans will take my side on this one.

  6. I just went back and re-read some articles and watched the play....I remember being soooo mad at Greg Blue on that play! He ultimately was the safety that should have let nothing get by him!

  7. So can I assume that your suggestion of prevent d with 2:05 left and the ball on the 35 leading by less than a FG was less than the optimal choice?

    It still looks to me that Battle coming off the edge screwed to whole play up. Blue freezes to take the slot who would have made the first down if left open. Battle should have been running with the receiver in motion who ultimately made the play. If Battle runs with him it would have been very difficult for the QB to fit the ball in there.

  8. Nope, I would have still been in a prevent! 1 timeout left, and 2 minutes on the clock. Why did the man run right by Greg Blue, that's the main issue here. I bet it's because he wasn't coached..just look at the quotes coming from the secondary right now about how they were "never taught things".



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