Friday, March 19, 2010

Tailgate Station Is Gonna Make Bank!

I guess with all of the new "we hate tailgaters that drink and have fun" rules, many will opt to take part in some of these new Tailgate Station type facilities that have popped up all over Athens.

So, do any of you out there in blog land want to go in with me and invest in a lot? I'm thinking that if these regulations really stick, the value of a lot in one of these parks may sky rocket.

I'd almost be willing to pay the $16,999 they are currently asking just to snag one of these lots before they are all gone. Wait, Michael Adams might target these type settings next. Then we would all be stuck with a 17k piece of land that is worthless. Kind of like you poor guys that bought your $10,000 Dawg tailgating trailers are now!

WOW Adams! Just WOW!


  1. Adams.... You are a P.O.S! You can take the fun out of anything!

  2. So can the aholes who are scattering their trash about and blaming Adams.

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