Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aaron Murray Trying The Michael Jackson Look?

Michael Jackson became the most recognizable person in the world wearing a glove on one hand, so why not embrace Aaron Murray in his endeavor to do the same?

In no way am I comparing the future UGA star to the deceased pop star, except for the fact that Aaron Murray is testing out this whole one glove thing.

I used to be a big opponent of wearing gloves when I was a player in high school. Then, after coaching for a few years, the advancement in glove technology became so amazing that it was hard for me to argue the fact that players could hold on to the ball much better.

My take on the whole situation these days has obviously changed. I say, let the kid wear the gloves if he produces with them on. I'm pretty sure Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, and other super star NFLers know what they're doing when they put a glove on their throwing hand.

Go Dawgs!

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