Thursday, March 11, 2010

A.J. Green For Heisman! Why Not?

The last time a wide receiver won the Heisman trophy was 1991, when Desmond Howard took home the honor. According to, only one other receiver has won the award in the 75 year history. These facts lead me to believe that no matter how good of a year A.J. has this season, he is a long shot to even make the top 5 list.

That being said, most Dawg fans would say that Green should at least get a mention during pre-season talks about the Heisman trophy. Sure, his numbers saw a slight decline in 2009, but it was only because of a few nagging injuries that he is now fully recovered from. If Green can stay healthy for the entire regular season in 2010, he should put up some numbers easily comparable to Desmond Howard or Tim Brown (the other WR Heisman winner). A big factor that could come into play for Green to get looked at by the Heisman voters would be all-purpose yards. This might be the big negative because the UGA coaching staff will probably be hesitant to let AJ return very many kickoffs when we have others speedsters that can do the job. They are probably scared to death of him getting injured.

So, I say to you, A.J. Green, put up 1200 plus yards receiving next season, catch 15 touchdowns, and then you only have to block 3 or 4 field goals for us to see you sitting in New York on that glorious day.


  1. Definitely one of the best receivers in the country. Just the way he carries himself and has the hands to go up after the high catch (see LSU game 2009) or Arizona State 2008.

    He is a first round pick after next year, better enjoy him Dawg fans, AJ Green is for real

  2. If Larry Fitzgerald can't win it, I don't see any WR winning it.

  3. If AJ stays healthy, it can be done. But, I think we'll the run the ball more to compliment our young QBs.

  4. I'm sure having Joe Cox as the QB didn't help his numbers last year either.

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