Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Take On Saturday

Well, after talking to one of the officials from Saturday, I found out that you find out very little from an official! Ha! It makes sense that a football referee wouldn't have much to say about the overall performance of a team during a game due to the fact that refs are taught to focus primarily on the area of the field in which they have been assigned.

Ref buddy did say however, that the speed of the defense was just simply ridiculous. There were very few times when a receiver had much room at all to make a catch. Damn! That's quite a change from almost every game I watched last season. Last year's Arkansas game looked like a flag football game with guys running open all over the place each time ARK had the ball.

The other big highlights came from the running backs, according to ref. Both 3 and 4 were running the ball extremely well. This is nothing surprising, as we knew King and Ealey were going to be exceptional next season. But, it does give me a lot of hope for the potential of this offense, especially when I see how good our passing numbers looked yesterday.

Hopefully I can come back later with a more in depth outtake on the spring thus far, and as always...thanks for reading!



  1. It's about time we appropriated our speed on defense.

    It doesn't happen automatically. Sounds like these coaches have the ability to extract and appropriate whatever talents we have, and that's a great sign.

  2. These refs aren't highschool refs who haven't seen SEC speed up close, are they?

    Sounds good and is a piece of D info that would not be known without your friend. Doesn't explain the pass completions except for great QBs and Receivers, but let's say the O and D look great at this time of year. The G-Day game looms larger and larger. Quite frankly, I wasn't expecting things to approximate midAugust this early. What's next? The up side is that we have hope renewed. The down side is we have to wait until Sept to see the upside.

    Please give our thanks to your ref friend.

  3. One more thing. I hope we don't get picky about our team this year and that starts with G-Day. I hope the coachs give us a peek, but not much substance in that game. Why? Because it's being televised and the other SEC coachs may see early what they have in store from UGA and I don't want them to perfect a D or O that can render our O and D less effective. I would rather G-Day to be a big yawner than give Spurrier an early clue. Once the season starts then they only have a week to prepare like the rest of us. We have a slight advantage in that we are familiar with Garcia and we know how to beat him. Big D up the middle and he gets rattled. Always has, always will. If we stick like shadows to his receivers, then the D can have plenty of time to work him over.

  4. The problem with scrimages is that sometimes the 1's v the 2's runs up the stats. I would think our 1 D's would kill our 2 O's and vice versa. Hope G day is 1's v 1's, at least to start.

  5. Thanks so much for the info and very glad to read about the speed on defense.

    I just realized that we have almost exactly 160 daze until kickoff. Wish I could hibernate until then!

  6. I'm with you guys. Speed on defense will allow a team to overcome all kinds of mistakes. With a FEARED defense, and one hell of a running game...a team can become DANGEROUS. AKA...Bama this past season.

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