Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday

I'm thinking that the whole WYRW kind of rolls off of your tongue, so let's give it a go for today!

Would you rather...

1)...have a QB that throws for 3000 yards this season, or two 1000 yard rushers?
Give me those yards on the ground, and we will win championships!

2)...have a defense that racks up over 50 sacks, or 20 turnovers?
Turnovers decide the outcome in so many games!

3)...have the Dawgs trot out in black pants and black jerseys, or red pants and red jerseys?
I really don't care as long as we win! Black on black might be cool though!

4)...have a swimsuit edition calendar of the Gym Dawgs, or the UGA football cheerleaders?, this is tough! Those Gym Dawgs sure are cute...and I love cheerleaders!

5) a million dollars today, or 10 million 5 years from now?
Give me my million today, and I will turn it into 10!

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