Friday, April 16, 2010

Mark Richt And The Case Of The Depth Chart

A lot of us in the Bulldawg Nation are eagerly awaiting this QB depth chart we have been hearing about all week. It's not making me as anxious as I was when we were waiting to find out who our next defensive coordinator would be, but it's still up there on the "I can't wait" Dawgometer!

Sometimes I wonder if Mark Richt sits back and cracks up at us overly anxious Dawg fans. I have a pretty good inkling that Richt, Bobo, Gray, Murray, and Mett all know who the starting quarterback will be.

Will we find out today? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, GOOOO DAWGS!


  1. We ALL know who the starter is although some may not want to accept it.

    Assuming that Mett and Murray are the top candidates, Murray is the starter. Mett will be suspended for at least the first game and unless Murray really stinks it up against the Louisiana directional school (unlikely), then he will also be the starter the going into Columbia.

    Mett has had a good spring but not so good that he'll get the start immediately upon returning from a suspension. He's still never played in a real game. So unless the other QB's struggle in the games, he's SOL.

  2. That's so sweet that the fans still want little oft-injured Aaron Murray to start on the road at night in The SEC against Steve Spurrier, obviously 1 of the teams to beat in The SEC East.

    But, the facts are hard that Zach Mettenberger will be drafted in the NFL and Aaron Murray will not.

  3. What does the NFL have to do with what happens at UGA?

    And oft-injured? He has been injured once.....a broken leg and he came back THE SAME YEAR to play and win the state championship.

    Feel free to buy a clue...

  4. Hey Anon (10:05) don't know much about sports, do you?

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