Friday, April 23, 2010

Coach Richt Is Standing His Ground

I am probably one of the more vocal bloggers out there when it comes to agreeing or disagreeing with the coaching staff at UGA. I am probably one of the more vocal fans when it comes to shouting "I love Coach Richt".

After my post this week calling for details on the Mettenberger dismissal, I caught a HUGE amount of flack from readers of this blog. I am in no way whining because if I make bold comments, I deserve whatever I have coming to me. Some fans, like Ben Dukes, S. Fla, etc. even cause me to re-think some of my positions on things. Like releasing details on Mett; I realize there is most likely some legal issues with releasing details, so point taken. I still think we should have been given a little more.

All this aside, I want to say that I am very encouraged to see Coach Richt standing his ground on the issue of violating team rules. Richt just dismissed the 3rd player in two weeks from the program. He is making a stand. This program is going to clean up, or you are gone!

Keep on doing your thing Coach Richt.

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  1. I totally agree with you again. I hate to see players dismissed, but its obvious the message that is being preached right now, and he isnt doing it with shallow words, but with deep actions.

    Shape up or ship out. Go CMR!!

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