Wednesday, January 6, 2010

College Football's Champion...the Coleman way!

A wise man once told me that "opinions are sort of like rear ends; everybody has one, and most of them really stink!" With that in mind, I'm going to try and explain to y'all the way major college football SHOULD decide it's National Champion at season's end.

I'm no expert on the current BCS formulas for ranking the top 25 teams, but I have found that it is becoming more and more accurate as the system has been tweaked over the years. I will use that top 25 ranking to aid in a 16 team playoff system that seems like a no-brainer solution to me.

There is no doubt in my mind that some of the 11 conferences are stronger than others. Even so, the winner of each of those conferences is going to receive an automatic seeding in my playoff bracket. That leaves 5 remaining spots to finalize the 16 team bracket. I would take the 5 highest ranked teams left in the BCS rankings (after the conference winners are taken out) to fill those remaining spots.

Here is the end of regular season BCS top 25 rankings: (Conference Champs are marked)
1) Alabama (SEC Champ)
2) Texas (Big 12 Champ)
3) Cincinnati (Big East Champ)
4) TCU (MWC Champ)
5) Florida
6) Boise State (WAC Champ)
7) Oregon (Pac 10 Champ)
8) Ohio State (Big 10 Champ)
9) Georgia Tech (ACC Champ)
10) Iowa
11) Virginia Tech
12) LSU
13) Penn State
14) Brigham Young
15) Miami (FL)
16) West Virginia
17) Pittsburgh
18) Oregon State
19) Oklahoma State
20) Arizona
21) Stanford
22) Nebraska
23) Utah
24) USC
25) Wisconsin
Unranked Conference Champions: Central Michigan (MAC), Troy University (Sun Belt), East Carolina (CUSA)...these teams are listed by win/loss records.

The remaining 5 teams that are going to receive a bid are in green in the BCS top 25 above.

Now that you have digested all of that, here is what the first round match-ups would look like in the Coleman Playoff System (CPS) (Seedings are beside each team):

(1) Alabama vs (16) ECU
(2) Texas vs (15) Troy University
(3) Cincinnati vs (14) Central Michigan
(4) TCU vs (13) Penn State
(5) Boise State vs (12) LSU
(6) Oregon vs (11) Virginia Tech
(7) Ohio State vs (10) Iowa
(8) Georgia Tech vs (9) Florida

This playoff is very straightforward and leaves little room for questions. It has a few intriguing match-ups as well! The only real question that remains, is how we will work this system into a blend of using the current bowl venues. I could give my opinion on that, but I have talked enough for now. I am saddened that my beloved Dawgs didn't make the playoffs this year (in my system), but next year...LOOK OUT!

Let me know what you guys think about this system!


  1. I hear ya Coleman Playoff System! Maybe you need to send this to Barrack Obama, didn't he promise us a playoff if he were elected?-- Paul W

  2. This is so "Greek" to me that I can hardly even comment. But Texas vs. Troy State? .....are you kidding me?

  3. Oh Megan, we'll have to have a crash course some day! Troy State has actually been for real the past 4 or so years. I happen to have some personal ties with the school from my coaching days. None-the-less, they make the CPS because they won their conference fair and square!

    Obama, are you listening? Here's your "Change" that people can believe in!

  4. I like the idea, but wouldn't that leave over half of the bowl games out of the championships? Do you think sponsors and boosters would ever go for it?

  5. Sounds like a good system to me. Rank the bowls based on their payout.

    Tommy Coleman

  6. There could be a way to work system so that no bowls are eliminated. We would just have to add 7 more for the new playoff games.

  7. Troy State? Don't you mean Troy University?

    In 2004, the Board of Trustees voted to drop "State" from the University's name to better reflect the institution's worldwide mission.

    They have campuses throughout the world.

  8. Yes sir! I did revert back to the old days! I'll fix that right up! Thanks!

  9. I like it, but would prefer some reward for the major conference champs. Perhaps a bye week, where the small conference champs play the wild cards in the first week.

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