Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coaching College or NFL?

"Dear Mark Richt, after UGA goes on a run and wins 3 out of the next 4 National Championships, please don't leave for the NFL!"

I spent a few years of my life coaching high school football. I loved it, but it took up an unbelievable amount of my time; to the point of sometimes feeling like I had no private life at all that didn’t somehow relate to football. None of this coaching experience can even come close to comparing to the time that is dedicated by coaches at the higher levels of the sport. More specifically I am speaking of Division I college coaches and those that are able to make football’s highest level of coaching, the National Football League.

This whole topic seems fitting today after one of college’s all time greats has decided to step down from the throne at USC. Pete Carroll will take a reported 5 year 35 million dollar deal from Seattle to serve as their next head coach. Wasn’t he already making close to 5 million per year at USC? Surely and extra 2 million dollars a year isn’t going to change Pete Carroll’s life in any sort of significant way. That leaves ego as the only answer in my book as to why a guy would leave such a cake job as the one he has now.

Reasons to stick with the college ranks:
• The players aren’t making as much or more money than you
• College coaches are almost making as much as NFL these days
• Coaches making the switch haven’t been very successful lately
• You don’t have to deal with those pesky owners
• You can “out-athlete” much of your competition in the NFL
• In Pete Carroll’s situation, you are worshiped by your fans

Reasons to leave college and coach in the NFL:
• You have nothing left to prove at the college level
• It will pay over 2 million more per year in Carroll’s case
• You have an ego to deal with
• Just need a change of scenery

Either way you feel, this video from Matt Sanchez after his playoff win last night. Funny stuff! Pete Carroll has made his decision, and for his sake, maybe the grass will be greener on the other side. Seattle's colors are green, right? I guess that's what you call that color.

"We true fans of the Dawgnation want to keep you, Mr. Richt, as long as you will have us. We know that you have your heart and soul in Athens, and though we may be going through a few marital problems at the moment, this is a match made in heaven!"


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  1. Andy....LOVE your writing! Although I am not a Dawgnation follower, I can appreciate your dedication and fervor for college football. Keep up the good work!

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