Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 Dawgs Still Left Playing

Some quick research this morning led to the discovery that four former Georgia Bulldogs are still left playing in the NFL playoffs coming up this weekend. If you catch the conference championship games this Sunday, you should get to see some Dawgs on the field making a difference in the outcomes of each game.

Asher Allen (Vikings)- Allen as 27 tackles on the year with 1 int. and 1 forced fumble.
Jonathan Stinchcomb (Saints)- Stinchcomb has started 16 games this year and anchors a strong O-line.
Charles Grant (Saints)- Grant was recently placed on IR, but has 5.5 sacks on the year.
Tim Jennings (Colts)- Jennings has 57 tackles on the year with 2 picks.

My home team, the Atlanta Falcons, is sitting at home trying to regroup for next season, but I still love to watch football no matter who is playing. When former Bulldogs are on the field, it makes watching the NFL even that much more intriguing.


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