Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Just Ain't The Same

Today's NFL Conference Championship games are good and all, but college football Saturday is the greatest thing to watch of all time. OK, so that is like 3 month old news, but it still cracks me up every time I think of Kanye making a complete ass of himself. Us college football fans already knew he was an ass, but on that night, he confirmed it for the whole world.

I have been excited all week about today's games, and the possible Superbowl match-up of Favre/Manning, but something is still missing. I have confirmed with myself that I have an addiction to college football, and those amazing Saturday afternoons that I love so much.

Less than eight months are between me and my beloved Georgia Bulldogs officially beginning the Decade of the Dawg baby!


  1. I'm with you Andy! I LOVE college football and cry every year when the season ends. It is the connection to my Southern roots as folks out here in California just don't get "it". When they ask me to explain what the big deal is with college football I just shake my head and say, "If you have to ask then you will never matter what I say". It is a sad truth and the one thing that binds all Southerners at heart.

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