Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Puppet Master Spoke...

...and Kirby Smart listened. I'm going to be short and sweet today and just do a little hypothetical analysis of yesterday's events.

KIRBY: Coach Saban, I really appreciate everything you have done for me, but I am going back to coach at my alma mater.

SABAN: I don't allow lateral moves son. Stay here and get 10% credit for my defense. I'll give you more money, and we'll both look good.

KIRBY: But, Coach Saban, at UGA I can make a name for myself.

SABAN: Listen to me Kirby, if you go there and suck you're done.

KIRBY: But, I know I will be a good defensive coordinator coach Saban.

SABAN: Kirby, you are a defensive coordinator.

KIRBY: What, really? I thought that was just a title for me, I don't make any decisions about the Alabama defense.

SABAN: Yes you do Kirby! Remember that time I let you pick the color socks our team would wear against LSU so that you could motivate the defense?

KIRBY: I guess you're right Coach, I'll stay at Alabama.

SABAN: I know you will Kirby, and I will tell the country about it because I don't want them thinking you have any more control over Alabama and it's affairs. I'll let you know when it's time Kirby.

KIRBY: Thanks dad, I mean Coach.


  1. I love this Andy!
    I think Kirby made a huge mistake by turning down the UGA job. The Bulldawg Nation would have welcomed him with open arms and even given him some time to rebuild the defense. I could have seen him being the "coach in waiting" at UGA. How do you turn down double the money and a chance to coach at your (and your spouse's) alma mater?? Now that he's won a National Title at UA, they won't settle for anything less. And, as we all have seen, Saban isn't loyal to any school- is he willing to take Kirby with him wherever he goes?? Anyway- GO DAWGS!

  2. Andy, I think you hit the nail on the head ! What a mistake he made...Would he like to go to Auburn? Its a shame Saban is like that, and I agree with Kim, I could see him being the coach in waiting there...Oh Well..Wonder what will happen in 2010..Susan

  3. Perfect, you must have been a fly on the wall. As far as I’m concerned Smart is no longer a Bulldog. He never played here and will never be welcomed back. He will always do as Saban says. He's not "man enough" to make decisions for himself! GO DAWGS!

  4. I guess the best word to describe the way I feel towards Kirby right now is "hurt". I am hurt that the situation went down the way it did. I understand both sides of the argument, but he should have taken a chance and come home. Either way, I will support whoever we hire!

  5. I agree with what most has been said. However, maybe we need to put this in perspective. From the news media, it was reported that Kirby was sent a contract. This leads me to believe that no visit was made. If this was the case, I don't blame him for not accepting the position. However, I think this is both UGA's loss and Kirby Smarts. As far as being a head coach in waiting? Unless someone knows more than I, Richt is going to be there for a long time. Would you risk waiting behind Richt?


  6. Good point Tom- Kirby would have less time waiting out head coach at UA than UGA because we all know Saban is not loyal to programs and Richt (in my opinion) will be at UGA 10 more years, maybe more. Saban will leap at any opportunity he sees beneficial to him, hope Kirby was thinking about that when he made his decision. And, Brian "heard" a visit was paid to Tuscaloosa via plane by Richt. Has anyone else heard about that?

  7. How about a little perspective here. Bama has won the NC, they have a defense to reload (too much talent there and coming in to call it a rebuild), and the potential to get a head coaching job instead of a DC job. All of you taking it personally that he chose UA over UGA have to realize this is a business decision. He wants to be a HC, and he stands a better chance of achieving that at UA right now. One more year at Bama, and he can probably choose to be HC at one of 10 colleges, maybe even Georgia if Richt doesn't turn them around. I am sure he loves Georgia, but this isn't an affair of the heart. It is business and ambition.



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