Friday, January 8, 2010

Points to Ponder the Morning After

More than anything about last night’s National Championship game, I can’t stop thinking about how many times I heard “this Nick Saban defense”. That statement must have been made at least ten times during the broadcast, at least. For all you “why would Kirby ever make this lateral move” people, there’s your answer. We all know that Saban is a defensive guru, but if it’s still “His” defense, Kirby might as well move on.

Done with that point; it’s been made a hundred times on the web already. On to my points to ponder from the playing field last night:
- The game ended up being a lot closer than it should have been, or did it? Wish Colt hadn’t been hurt!
- Why did it take Alabama a full quarter to remember they have the Heisman winner at tailback? They did get him going though, and that Richardson kid is going to be really good!
- McElroy came back down to earth after that amazing SEC Championship performance.
- Once Colt McCoy was done, the camera showed Vince Young, and he looked like he was aching to suit up. That would have been fun!
- Really Nick Saban, you’re gonna call a fake punt on the first possession of the NC with the ball deep in your own territory? Really?
- I loved it when Mack Brown tried to defend the shuttle pass debacle when he got interviewed running off the field at halftime.
- Kicking the ball at one of those front line guys on kickoff is a dangerous weapon. I bet we see that happen a few more times next season. After all, what else do kickers have to practice all off season?

Is it next season yet?


  1. The fake punt had me laughing. The shuttle pass had me laughing until I cried. Still, Texas ended up putting on a hell of a game. I was ready to change the channel after Colt went down, but (after a shaky start), that Gilbert kid stepped it up. For him to turn in that sort of performance in the title game shows that he will go a long way in his college career. Also, Colt is a classy, classy man. Loved his post-game interview. Also, his mom is super hot.

  2. I happened to notice some of those same things about Mr. McCoy...hi mom.

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