Monday, January 11, 2010

Kirby Says...

…we don’t know exactly what Mr. Smart says yet.

How many of us spent yesterday scavenging the online media outlets trying to get just one more piece of factual evidence as to which way Kirby Smart is leaning? I know I got looked at sideways a few times by my better half for “spending way too much time on the computer”. Here we are more than two weeks past Christmas, and I found myself tossing and turning all night long like a kid on Christmas Eve in anticipation of what most of us think will come sometime today… Kirby Smart is coming home!

No, I don’t have any magical piece of evidence that the rest of you don’t. I do know a few people in the “know”, but they all say about the same thing that David Pollack excited the whole Dawgnation about last night with his Tweeting. Surely Pollack isn’t just talking to get hits on his Twitter account, is he?

The most exciting things that I have come across are that some fairly credible people are reporting that Kirby is going to bring Travis Jones and some other excellent coaches along with him. Thank you Damon Evans for putting your money where your mouth is and bringing the tools to this program that are going to allow us to win a much anticipated Richt Era National Championship. After all, I was less than one year old the last time the Dawgs could lay claim to the best team in all of the land. 1980, the year of my birth was special, but let’s make 2010 the beginning of the Decade of the Dawg baby!

Check back throughout the day for updates. I will post the news as soon as it is made available, or one of my sources leaks it to me.

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