Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mount Cody To New Heights (UPDATED)

This poor guy needs a serious intervention. I guess that when you are as good as he is you sometimes forget what exercise and nutrition are all about. No one can deny that the kid is a freakish athlete, but if someone doesn't call Nutrisystem real fast, he is going to have some serious health issues.

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Here is a quote from Sportsillustrated.com today: "Sliders
Terrence Cody/DT/Alabama: Cody looked poorly conditioned on Monday, tipping the scales at a sloppy 370 pounds. During practice he quickly tired and struggled to keep pace with the rest of the linemen. He was pushed to the ground and handled by lesser opponents on a number of occasions."


  1. Where are the Tebow pictures??? That's what we want to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He was behind Cody, couldn't you see?



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