Monday, January 25, 2010

Georgia Bulldogs: One Month Later

Almost one month ago, the Georgia Bulldogs finished what most called a disappointing season by easily handling the Texas A&M Aggies 44-20. While that victory was a good finish, many are still left with disappointment after an 8-5 season.

I look at it as though we were a quarterback & defensive coordinator away from a possible 11-2 record this past season. The season opener at OSU was very winnable, the heartbreaking loss to LSU, and the debacle versus Kentucky, all could have very easily ended up as W's on our schedule. That being said, I am not as disappointed as many Dawg fans are. I had no real expectations this season, though I would have expected to beat both Kentucky and Tennessee.

One month after seasons end, I now see this upcoming season in a much different light as opposed to 2009. 2010 should see a Bulldog team that has improved as much from one season to the next as any we have seen in a long time. The unproven QB situation has me worried, but strangley less than last year. Most of us knew Joe Cox wasn't an SEC caliber QB; we just didn't know he would hurt us like he did at times. The guys we have in the chamber for this up coming season do have top notch SEC talent running through their blood.

One month later also finds the Dawgnation with kid-like excitement when it comes to Richt's new defensive coordinator hire. Let's put the "we got denied by the top candidates" talk away. Todd Grantham is going to surprise all UGA fans next season. I will put my blogging reputation (as if I even really have one) on the fact that next year's defense will be much more like a Junkyard defense is supposed to look. No one knows exactly what Grantham is going to implement within this program, but we do know he is brining an exciting new 3-4 that promises to be aggressive!

Sure there are more than just new QBs and a new defense to look forward to for next season, but those two things, combined with our abundance of existing talent, are going to bring the Dawgs back to the forefront of the SEC and the top 10 of all of college football!

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