Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gym Dawgs Are Hawt!

My buddy at work brought me a stack of UGA team posters last week, and the one with the Gym Dawgs stood out above the rest. There are definitely some hotties on this year's team. While each of them are beautiful in their own way, I thought I would give tribute to the 4 that stood out to me most.

Kati Breazeal - Allen, Texas

Kathryn Ding - Sparks, Nev.

Courtney McCool - Lees Summit, Mo.

Gina Nuccio - Naperville, Ill.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more...I've thought about getting one of their photos for years and hanging it in my Georgia room...but I'm afraid of my wife...

  2. Yeah, the Gym Dawgs are hot fo sho. I always thought Courtney Kupets was amazing. Check this link out, #1 was Knowshon's main squeeze while he was in Athens. Smokin hot.

  3. Totally agree Robert! I've seen that pic a time or two.

  4. Gawd Andy, they are hotties but I am beginning to wonder if you need to move your wedding date up, like to next week so Sarah can monitor you better.

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