Thursday, January 7, 2010

MMMove over Joe Cox!

Thank you Mr. Cox for your dutiful service to the University of Georgia football program. Your time and commitment to the Dawgnation is greatly appreciated by "most" of the faithful UGA fans. However, faithful as we may be, we cannot wait to see what one of the MMM crew has to offer after Cox's not so pretty senior campaign (I hope you're a better coach than field general).

Mason, Mettenberger, or Murray will most likely line up under center next fall when the "Decade of the Dawg" begins in 2010. I'm not going to completely rule out Logan Gray as the starter for next year, but preliminary indications are that it ain't gonna happen.

I want to take a short time today to introduce these guys because I will most likely be writing a lot about one or more of them in the future. Due diligence is the goal for this write up here today. Those of you that know me probably already know my pick for the next QB at Georgia. If I step back and take a realistic approach to who should be our next QB, I don't have much to go on seeing as how I am not at practice every day watching the production of any of these guys. Come to think of it, I am never at a UGA practice anymore (man do I miss being in Athens).

Click the links above to get a short overview of each of the players (this will act as my introduction for each player), and do a little more research if you like. The internet is packed full of information on all three of them. Or, you could just check back to read the every day because I'm sure I will be blowing the screen up with info on these players soon enough!

Hutson Mason: 6-3, 190lbs - Loves to sling it
Zach Mettenberger: 6-5, 230lbs - Pocket passer
Aaron Murray: 6-1, 206lbs - All the intangibles
Logan Gray: 6-2, 192lbs - Athlete



  1. what is the purpose of continuing to defame Joe Cox?? It's post season. move on.

  2. Haha, and here I thought I was giving a little praise to the poor fella.

  3. No praise in saying : "(I hope you're a better coach than field general)."

  4. At least I didn't say, "I hope your coaching isn't as bad as your qb play" that would have been just plain mean!

  5. I really hope it's Aaron Murray next year. That guy has so much upside! Judging from the video, he has the physical tools as well as the leadership and character qualities you want in your starting QB. As much as I personally dogged CMR for not ripping off the redshirts on Murray and Mett this year, I'm sure glad we can now potentially get 4 years out of them!

    Hey, David Greene started as a redshirt freshman right?

  6. Yes, this is true about Greene. He did hold the all-time wins record too. Now, it's held by Colt McCoy. Hopefully Aaron can bring it back to the Dawgnation!

  7. I don't think there will be much of a competition. Murray is way ahead of the other two M's. Gray's a WR or transfer.
    Enjoy your stuff.

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