Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome To Rock Bottom Dawgs!

How can a team that was in the top tier of the SEC a few short years ago get man-handled by this weak Colorado team? We are a terrible football team. No, a terrible football program. Change may be the only answer.


  1. So are you still on the Richt bandwagon or are you ready for a change?

  2. # 11 All-Time in 1-A Wins UGA from 1892 to today

    Only 3 other states more HS in NFL, we don’t get them

    Coach Richt really prefers to bring us the homeless, the wayward child, the troubled, the challenged, so that he can Minister to them in their time here.

    Once Jim Donnan’s recruits were all gone after the 2005 season finally, Coach Richt has only had his own recruits here.

    39-18 on the field

    2nd most arrested / suspended of all colleges, off the field

    But, not just after the 2005 season has Coach Richt really not done well.

    Coach Richt has proven consistently that he cannot beat the Great Teams. How do we know a team is great ? Then end up in the Top 10 Final AP Poll. Coach Richt in 10 years is 3-8. The really good programs get that many wins in 1-year vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams. We are not those programs.

    Coach Richt has proven he cannot consistently beat the good teams. How do we know a team is good ? They end up in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. Coach Richt in 10 years is 17-21. This is acceptable. It is not great. It might not even be good, and it 100 percent is 5th best in The SEC.

    Coach Richt has proven consistently that the can lose to the bad teams, the really bad teams. How do we know a team is really bad ? They do not end up in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. Coach Richt in 10 years has lost to 10 of these teams.

    This is the really troubling part, along with the 3 wins in 11 games against Top 10 Final AP Poll teams, that Coach Richt has lost to 10 now teams who are not any bloody good, as measured by they even with their win over Coach Richt, are not Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

    The Arrests, and there have been 10 of those since just March 7, have been especially disconcerting along with the bad press of the upsetting Suspensions. Looking at just the recruits Coach Richt had on our campus after the 2005 season, when not 1 of them were actually recruited here by anyone but Coach Richt, Coach Richt is # 2 in the nation for the most Arrested / Suspended Football Team. That is not just 1 year, but 5 years, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

    The real problem is that it is not Coach Richt’s inability to beat the truly great teams with but 3 wins in 11 games so far, nor his disquieting losses to really lousy teams that he has amassed 10 of in 10 years now so far, but his total abject ability to hire a Coaching Staff that really shows me that Coach Richt took advantage of a very good situation here, came here and did well initially and then steadily declined to the point today, that there is not 1 person in the country who thinks that Coach Richt is not in Trouble.

    Do you realize that if he fires Mike Bobo and the rest of the Offensive Coaching Staff, and surely must let Rodney Garner go too, that then Coach Richt in the last 10 months, if he were to do it today, has completely fired every single coach he ever hired ?

    10 months fired every coach on his “coaching staff.”

  3. I have long felt that there should have been a Separation between Church and State. I see no reason to agree with his supporters who say that they prefer to have him to Nick Saban because he is a Forgiving Nice Guy. He is paid $ 3 million a year, and does not know how to recruit, or motivate his own recruits, hire his own coaching staff, determine who should be punished and who should not, how to control his football program on or off the field, beat the truly great teams, and he doesn’t know how to not lose to the really lousy ones. He also does not know how to talk to the fans.

    I just don’t think Coach Richt is of this world. I do not think he has the same interests at heart for this University of Georgia Football Program that I have for it. I think if he did, he would have completely different Priorities.

    Coach Richt has had 2 great years in 10. Both of those 2 years, he lost to really lousy teams and therefore was pitted against sorry opponents in our bowl game. In fact, Coach Richt has not only Never beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in Any Bowl Game Ever, but most if his Supporters were to sit down and look at his only 3 really truly great wins here at Georgia : They were 1 beating # 4 Final AP Poll vols 2001. He Lost 4 games that season. Was that great or a Fluke ? 2 beating # 6 LSU in The SEC Championship Game 2005 but Coach Richt lost to Florida 2005, Auburn 2005 and West Virginia 2005 to take away the shine of the 2005 season. And, 3, beating # 9 Auburn in 2006. But, 2005 like 2001 and 2005, Coach Richt lost too many games to be able to say that these 3 signature wins were all that great. 2006 Coach Richt lost 4 games.

    Now, let me be the 1st to say, that I am consumed by the EXCUSES of his supporters. I open the paper daily for all these years back to the mid Fifties here in Atlanta and through all these years, I have never seen SO MANY EXCUSES for 1 guy in all my lifetime.

    There are not any excuses for making my alma mater a HALFWAY HOUSE for WAYWARD criminals.

    There are not any excuses for losing to 10 teams in 10 years who ended up not in the Top 25 of the Final AP Poll.

    There are not any excuses for losing to all but 3 of 11 games against Top 10 Final AP Poll teams, and in those 3 wins having miserably average results outside those just 3 wins.

    Do I believe that we deserve National Championships ? I certainly do not for 2002 nor 2007 comparing the other teams and the fact that they beat Top 10 Final AP Poll teams those years and Coach Richt has NO WINS over Top 10 Final AP Poll teams by direct comparison.

    Do I believe that we as a Program could or should win National Championships ? UGA has 6 National Championship listed in the NCAA Records Book for 1-A College Football. 2 are Consensus. Wally Butts had a run from 1940 to 1948 that is a 9-year run like Coach Richt has had the 9 years prior to this one including 1. Vince Dooley had a run from 1980 to 1988 that is a 9-year run like Coach Richt has had the 9 years prior to this one including In 118 years, we have 2 Consensus National Championships and 4 others that are Significantly Better than Anything Coach Richt has done in his 10 years here. They beat the top teams; they didn’t lose to the really lousy ones; they were not consumed by Bad Press for Arrests / Suspensions and they were not marked by the most ill conceived “coaching staff” of all-time on my campus.

    Coach Richt was an Assistant Coach who beat Cupcakes at Florida State.

  4. 10 years later, he just doesn’t have his heart in it any more. I fully expect him to quit any day now. He doesn’t care. He hasn’t cared for his 10 years here, and has a set of Priorities not consistent with This Football Program, This University, or Her Fans.

    Coach Richt, you beat the middle of the road teams. Thanks for 88 of those. There could have been 138 games played in these 10 years, however, and your losses to the great teams and your losses to teams who suck combined have left us out in the cold. And, those losses each brought us bad press. Your 3 great wins were accompanied by 11 losses those 3 years, so it means so little to me to hear you brag Coach Richt that you KNOCKED THE LID OFF THIS GEORGIA PROGRAM beating # 4 vols 2001.

    David Greene Never had another win like that.

    DJ Shockley got 1 to win The SEC Championship in his 1 year, but Coach Richt when he wasn’t on the field, YOU COACH RICHT let DJ Shockley down with your Joe Tereshinski Florida LOSS and then you brought DJ back after his injury and LOST to Auburn with him still recovering, and then to top all that off YOU COACH RICHT didn’t even get us settled in our seats at the Sugar Bowl here in Atlanta, before we were DOWN 28 to NOTHING. You LOST that game too.

    Matthew Stafford, AJ Green, Knowshon Moreno – we handed you these players Coach Richt while you RAN OFF SO MANY OTHERS YOURSELF COACH RICHT we could have handed you as well, and you have to SHOW for all that, the LONE win by Matthew Stafford against # 9 Final AP Pool Auburn in 2006, yet another year you LOST 4.

    Graphics telling me that he is # 12 in wins as an active 1-A coach, have me just sit down and scratch my head that how can he have such a LOUSY COACHING STAFF that in 10 months time, he had to FIRE EVERY SINGLE HIRE HE MADE.

    And, of course, a real study, not a cursory glance at 91 wins in 9 and half years; but a complete study of the now 32 losses, is a sad study of FAILED OPPORTUNITIES on the field and nothing but bad press off.

    Do you want to go back in history 141 years back and find for me 1 football team who was considered great who lost 32 games in 10 years ?

    There isn’t one.

    The good news is that he has learned these lessons. I made sure. His next stop, he will not make these mistakes.

    10 years of 14-game seasons 8 of the 10 years. 138 possible wins. And, we have 91. 91 over mediocre teams, with 3 wins over great teams but added in 4, 3 and 4 losses those 3 years we won those 3 games over great teams. And, 8 losses in 11 games against them. 91 over mediocre teams, teams who when they were actually Top 25 Final AP Poll teams Coach Richt only was 17-21 against them. Again, there are 5 SEC Coaches right now today who are better than that against Top 25 Final AP Poll teams, and they just in our own conference. 91 wins in 10 years over mediocre teams but 10 LOSSES to really teams who just out SUCK.

    Missy State and Colorado stick out ,and those just the last 2 games. And, OH YEAH, by the way Ben Jones got SUSPENDED for the 1st half of the football game LAST NIGHT by SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. Dizzying number of Arrests / Suspensions, unacceptable number of losses to teams who suck, lack of luster against even Top 25 teams, and total abject inability to EVER beat a real Top 10 Final AP Poll Opponent in the same year you could not string together fewer than 4 or 3 LOSSES.

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