Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About That Ealey Fumble

This is the only decent video I could find of the Washaun Ealey disastrous fumble from last Saturday. The play stars at the 50 second mark of the video:

I remember being upset that it looked like the official blew the whistle and marked Ealey down immediately. You can see from this video that one officially definitely spotted the ball down. My questions is whether or not a whistle blew. If it did, I hope the SEC at least gives a good slap on the wrist to this crew.

I realize that we still got whipped on almost all aspects of the game, so a bad call is no excuse for the loss.

Why did the coaching staff not raise hell? Does anyone know if the play was blown dead?


  1. Question, isn't the play whistled dead when the runners helmet comes off? Just wondering

  2. If I was Ealey, why didn't he jump back on the dam football just lying there right beside him if their was no whistle. If I was the head coach (Richt) I would have called time out and asked to speak to the head official for a dam explanation of the play. That play changed the whole outlook of the game regardless of the final score. It was a huge momentum swing in the direction of the Miss St team!!

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