Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Case For A New Play Caller At UGA

The Facts:
• UGA is (20-12) in the last 4 years in the SEC
• 2-6 over the past 8 games in the SEC
• UGA had inexperienced QBs to start the season in ’06, ’09, and the ’10 season
• Statistical analysis proves we run play action passes when a running game has not been established; at an alarmingly high rate! 20 or so PA passes last Saturday. Read here for a GREAT in depth analysis on last Saturday.
• Bobo had almost no coaching resume before coming to a Top Tier Division I program and getting the OC job.
• Mark Richt was once known as one of the greatest coordinators in college football.
• Matthew Stafford consistently had average at best statistics before being drafted #1 overall by the NFL.

I have read, read, and re-read articles, blogs, and statistical analysis until my eyes have no moisture left in them. I could probably write a 25,000 word essay on why Mike Bobo does not deserve to be the OC at UGA. I have no personal complaints about Mike Bobo the man, I just want what is best for my Dawgs. I feel strongly that March Richt is a superior option as head coach as long as he is willing to make the necessary changes.

It is time to start our search for a new OC. What are the odds that Mike Leach would come help us out for the remainder of the season? Maybe Mark Richt could rub off on the guy and teach him some people skills while he teaches us how to score points.

“Good offensive coaches have good systems. Great offensive coaches have good systems that they constantly adapt to personnel and what is happening during a game.”

I am tired of the same old system at UGA that we refuse to tinker with to take advantage of talents like Aaron Murray and Orson Charles, just to name a few.

Mark Richt, please make the change!

On an unrelated note: Thank you for your services during our 1980 season Buck Belue, but you sir, are a MORON. No wonder you just basically handed the ball off your whole career. You probably didn't understand the playbook other than the 3 plays you ran to Herschel.

Go Dawgs!


  1. I was thinking about mike leach myself. Think about his system, and the players that we can recruit. And buck belue is an idiot.

  2. You're not doing Dawgnation any favors attacking the family at the start of the season. This has been a blog I've enjoyed reading, but I wish you would step away from the ledge. Give it this season. Scream in the off-season.

  3. Anon,

    I hear you, I really do. I actually even see your point somewhat. What I am afraid of is if changes aren't made SOON, it very well may start to snowball and Mark Richt will be a casualty. I love Mark Richt, and I would HATE to see him go anywhere except on the sidelines of the Dawgs!

    So, while I hear what you are saying about me "attacking", I disagree that it is doing anything negative. Rather, it is simply stating facts instead of rumors.

    The main reason my title is "Play Caller" is because I don't necessarily want Bobo to lose his coaching job, just his OC title and playcalling on game day.

  4. PS...thanks for reading my blog, and I love getting feedback, even when it is in disagreement!

  5. I am a third generation UGA graduate and have been attending games since 1964 so I have seen the good and the bad. I am troubled by the direction that the program is headed. Its not so much about losing a game. Its about playing solid, fundamental football and leaving it all on the field. We can all live with that even if we don’t win. What has really bothered me is the way we have been losing lately. Is there any dispute that we got humiliated by Tennessee in 2007, humiliated by Alabama and Florida in 2008 and humiliated by Florida again last year, not to mention inexcusable losses to Vandy and Kentucky over the past two years? The frustration comes when one sees the same mistakes being made over and over again, i.e. personal fouls and penalties in 2008 and 2009 and off the field arrests year after year. This is embarrassing. I am not advocating firing Mark Richt but the direction of our program is troubling and we seem to continue to replicate the mistakes of the past (keeping Willy Martinez for too many years); see Mike Bobo. Can anyone point to some part of our program over the past three or four years that has dramatically improved other than the punting game?

  6. Everyone seems to forget that Bobo was arrested as a student at UGA for fighting in a bar...

    I was floored by his promotion to OC and not thrilled with him as a QB coach.

    At least Mark brought creativity to Bobby's offense, Bobo gives us nothing on his own...

  7. I have been a Bulldogs' football fan at Sanford Stadium, on the road at JAX and on the road at bowl games since 1959.

    We are where we are, and I have been pointing it out for years now that it is coaching. I am not into rumors at all. I am a graduate here, as others in my family. I was very unsatisfied with all of us here last year when we first called for Willie and Bobo, and then shut up once Willie was let go.

    Thank you Andy. We have issues.

    1-5 in the last 6 SEC East games

    2-6 in the last 8 SEC games

    3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams assumes SC & Arky not Top 10

    17-21 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams assumes SC & Arky are Top 25

    8 losses in 9 years teams NOT ranked Top 25 Final AP Polls

    Why not just go ahead and say it that the reason he is viewed as great is because he is a Christian

    You are not going to lie about his record for 10 years and get away with it - these results will catch up with those who care more about Coach Richt than they do about The University or The Football Program which was the # 11 football program in America All-time in 1-A wins before we paid Coach Richt 3 million a year.

    There are now 26 teams whom Coach Richt does NOT have more wins than after 2005.

    He is less than mediocre after 2005.

    His “coaching staff” has been less than satisfactory, or he would not have fired all the defensive coaches last year and now face certainty that he will fire all the offensive coaches – all within 1 year.

    If you have some positive spin on this besides Coach Richt saying that we must support him with his record for 5 years and for 10 years against Top 10 against Top 25 and against non Top 25 teams, then you are unable to say out loud that we are 10 wins 11 losses after the 2005 season against SEC East teams. And, the # 2 worst team in the nation in Arrests / Suspensions after the 2005 season. The coaches are ACCOUNTABLE for whom they bring in and what they do when they are here.

  8. Hey Hey Ho Ho Mark Richt has got to go

  9. This year, UGA needs to be a pass-on-first-down team. You've got an accurate QB, a good-to-great receiver core, and two mediocre running backs. Why the insistence on the run? Maybe the run would open up a little bit more if teams were more afraid of our pass threat. Andy said it best (in person - not on the blog) that UGA plays like the entire first quarter is scripted. Most of the time, that'll get you behind on the scoreboard.

  10. Once the coaching staff starts letting Murray do what he does best, he is going to be really, really good. I strongly feel that the kid is a pure college WINNING, quarterback. Stafford was made for the NFL, this kid is made for college.

    Scripting plays, beyond the first play or two, is one of the most retarded coaching philosophies in football. Adapt, and move the ball!

  11. The new player must be trained by Richt. amanda vanderpool model



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